10 Food Blog Trends That Should Stop

In food, as in fashion, trends come and go. As in fashion, some of those trends become so ubiquitous that we simply tire of them. And so, like peplums and ombre hair, here is a list of trends in food blogging that we'd like to be able to say in retrospect were so 2013. Stripey Straws Image: Courtesy of Sean Timberlake ...more
I love this list!  Obviously I can't believe the bacon-in-everything trend isn't here too.  You ... more

Blindsided By a Name --Chelsea Manning

A storm raged, a private little tempest that sprouted over this town during my homeward commute, sparing everything outside a six-mile wide bubble. My short rush from car to home soaked me. Once inside, coping with soggy clothing and not yet motivated to change, I parked in front of my computer and found a message on whether I wished to write on Chelsea Manning....more
She shouldn't be in jail in the first place - she should be an example to emulate - she reported ... more

17 Untruths Parents Believe About Non-Parents

1. Non-parents get to go to bed late and sleep in like parents used to before they had children.I do wish this were true, but it's not. Age, stress, and ill health are sleep-stealers, too, and I am lucky if I get four or five uninterrupted hours of sleep on any given night. In fact, I can't remember when I last did that. ...more
I think you must have been exposed to the very worst of the parent crowd.  I feel the need to ... more

I'll Take Obama's Symbolic Gesture, Thank You Very Much!

Pundits and analysts are actively working over yesterday's statement by President Obama that "same-sex couples should be able to get married." It was calculated! It was a cynical attempt to recoup lost demographics he needs to get elected! He just wants to motivate a lackluster base!...more
I was bothered by all the cynicism about Obama stating his personal beliefs on this issue too ... more

What Editors Think Of Writers -- The Most Honest Advice Ever By Gina Barreca (Part Of A 10 Part Publishing Series)

“What do editors want?” Adding to our discussion of real-life experience in the world of publishing, the fourth voice we’ll hear is from the Editor-at-Large of an internationally known and well-respected magazine, one with a professional as well as popular readership. A successful author in her own right as well as an experienced editor, “Hanna Errant” (her alias, as if you couldn’t tell) maps some unnerving changes in the publishing industry over the last twenty years: ...more
What a damning and sweeping statement against all interns. I was getting a little worked up for ... more

North Carolina Sterilized Thousands of Women without Their Consent, and Now They Want to Pay Them

They were sterilized--all 7600 of them--by the state of North Carolina. Mostly they were women and girls, and many were black. ...more
There is no forgiveness in "nothing would be good enough". I prefer to think that all these ... more