Kid's Birthday Parties: The Lazy Edition

This is me taking a break from frantically cleaning my house for Phaedra's first-ever kid's birthday party.  This year, when  we started mentioning her birthday, she was all, "Can I have a birthday party and invite my friends from school?"  And I was all, "Yeah! We can invite ALL our friends, and have soda and pie!"  And she was all, "What?...more

I Can't Wait to Find Out What She Calls Her Teacher

We're holding hands walking across the parking lot when she spots them.  Although it's been a good six months since she's been there, she remembers the big blue and green dinosaurs on the preschool playground. "Mom! Mom! Look! I see the blue dinosaur and the green dinosaur!  'Hello green dinosaur!'  'Hello Bella!'  'Where are you going, Bella?'  'I'm going to school, green dinosaur!' " ...more

Turning In My Crunchy Card

So, you know how you're at work, and you're talking to a coworker, and they're all, "Yeah, I know I said I'd do that for you, but I'm just so busy!" and you're like, "I know, me too.  It's just that..." and they say, "No, I'm really BUSY!"  and you're thinking, "YEAH I KNOW MAN WE'RE ALL BUSY, WE'RE AT WORK," because apparently this bitch thinks she's some sort of special kind of busy that you can't possibly understand?Yeah.  Get ready for a whole lot of that in this post....more
This totally cracked me up! Don't shoot, but I do successfully cloth diaper (have with 2 kids ...more

Downgrading to Babies 1.0

The older girls left today for their camping trip....more