9 perfect pumpkin recipes

Get your pumpkin on with these nine pumpkin recipes. With ideas for breakfast, entrees, snacks, drinks and more, you're sure to find a recipe to please every pumpkin-lover's palate. Before another October draws to a close and we put our pumpkin-spice whatevs obsession on the backburner until next year (well, except for pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, of course), let's take a look at some of The Ninj's favorite pumpkin recipes.Whether you like your pumpkin in a cool breakfast smoothie, a cheesy comforting pasta dinner or a zippy hummus as an afternoon snack -- or anything in between! ...more

Pumpkin hummus

It only takes five minutes to make this healthy pumpkin hummus: enjoy it as a dip for fresh veggies and crackers or spread it on sandwiches for added fall flavor....more

Pumpkin maple smoothie {$100 gift card giveaway}

This healthy pumpkin maple smoothie, made with silken tofu, is gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. A creamy, delicious, on-the-go fall-flavored breakfast or afternoon treat. You'd have to be living under a very, very large rock not to have encountered some kind of Pumpkin Spice Whatevs this fall ....more

Slow cooker chicken noodle stew

Break out your slow cooker for this super easy chicken noodle stew, a hearty, filling meal with all the comfort-food qualities of homemade chicken noodle soup....more

Ginger-molasses spice cookies (copycat Ivins' Spice Wafers)

Super crunchy ginger and molasses spice cookies are the yummier cousin of a gingersnap -- and a copycat recipe of Philadelphia's Ivins' Famous Spiced Wafers. So you probably know by now that Mr. Ninj and I recently moved from Vermont to Kentucky (yes, it was a big move) ....more

Brussels sprout and blue cheese salad with maple candied pecans

Brussels sprout and blue cheese salad is deliciously crisp and simple to prepare -- and even better when topped with 5-minute maple-candied pecans. Remember last week's maple-candied pecans? Remember that I mentioned I made them to garnish a Brussels sprout salad?Well, this is the salad ....more

The Ninj is partnering with Ziplist

Yankee Kitchen Ninja has partnered with ZipList to make saving recipes and shopping for the ingredients even easier. I don't have a recipe for you today, but I have added a feature to Yankee Kitchen Ninja that might interest you.I've recently become a ZipList partner to help make meal planning easier for you. ZipList gives you the ability to create online shopping lists customized directly from the ingredients in my recipes, as well as from many of your other favorite bloggers' recipes ....more

Maple candied pecans

Make these 3-ingredient maple candied pecans in 5 minutes, then enjoy them on salads, with cheese, atop oatmeal or as a sweet-and-salty snack. Sometimes the simplest things are often the best, don't you find?Think of how many classics are little more than the combination of two ingredients: PB and J, rum and coke, ...more

Kati flatbread salad

Kati rolls, the popular Indian street food, deconstructed into a hearty meal salad that can also double as a unique appetizer pizza. I know you're all like, "Kati? What the heck is kati, Ninj?"Don't worry, I didn't know either until I stumbled across an article in Good Housekeeping this month about new food trends ....more

Pumpkin Gorgonzola pasta

Enjoy all the best flavors of fall in this hearty but lightened pasta, with a rich and creamy pumpkin gorgonzola cheese sauce. Now that it's October, I give all of us official permission to start talking about pumpkin recipes.Granted, I'm probably the only food blogger on the planet that hasn't been posting pumpkin recipes since Labor Day, but I'm loyal to produce seasonality. I don't mean to malign the poor pumpkin; I love it, I really do ....more