Instagram Photos on Twitter? Fuggit About It.

Facebook just took a big old size 14 boot and stomped all over Twitter's ability to display Instagram photos. I know, you loved Instagram and you loved sharing you photos on Twitter. My heart is broken, too. Cool Mom Tech has the details for you: ...more
This is very disappointing. Facebook is making it harder and harder to engage readers on their ... more

Dirty Girl Christmas: Holiday Gifts for the Gardener

Are you shopping for a dirty girl this holiday season? Do you have a veggie enthusiast, rose maven or flower fanatic on your shopping list? Gardeners are wonderful people, but unless you happen to be one, they can be a hard group to shop for. Luckily, Santa just happens to have a few green-thumbed elves on staff, and they were more than happy to help me put together this list of great gifts for the new or seasoned gardeners in your life.  ...more
@KarenLynnn, I hope your back is on the mend, and I hope Santa leaves many gardening treasures ... more

Will the Internet Make Cookbooks Obsolete?

Though I have cut down on the number of cookbooks I own, I still have several shelves in my quite-small apartment dedicated to printed tomes on cooking. Whether it's staples like The Joy of Cooking or How To Cook Everything, or special books that were gifted to me, like Cooking New Istanbul Style or The Ex-Boyfriend Cookbook, I treasure being able to flip through the pages to recipes I've tried before or want to try later....more
Wonderful food for thought! Thank you Genie. I think this is an interesting question not only ... more