Making Steampunk Jewelry

Steamcon Seattle is this weekend!  What to wear?  Gotta have some steampunk jewelry, that's for sure....more

Superheroes and the Girl with Glasses

I was told as a child that I was myopic.  The optician said he thought myopic girls were alluring because their unfocused eyes looked mystical.  Those were the days when opticians could say such drivel and no one thought to question it.  So basically I was nearsighted, which was understandable to my mother who swore I became so from reading by flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping.  I did NOT read by flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping. I read by a light which was kept on in my closet....more

Creating a Musical Nursery

So with twins on the way, you can imagine Daughter and Son-in-law have been busy choosing nursery themes, picking out colors, assembling the crib....more

Gardening for Children's Imagination

They aren’t here yet.  But they will be.  The grandchildren, I mean.  Already I can hear them: their sweet laughter, their calling.  “Nonni, come into the garden!  Let’s play!”  Okay then. ...more

The Ferris Wheel of Life

I recently lost a bet.  I don’t usually make bets, but this time I KNEW I was right.  Nope.  Wrong!  The result was that I owed my friends a dinner, so I don’t really think I lost too much.  We had a great time.We picked up the other couple from the ferry terminal when they came across from Winslow.  Then headed to Seattle’s new Ferris wheel, called The Great Wheel, like London’s Eye. ...more
I bet the views are spectacular!more

Political Discussions and Eating Pretzels at the Stammtisch

In Germany there are certain tables at pubs and biergartens called “Stammtisch”.  NOBODY is allowed to sit at them unless you belong to the Stammtisch.  Ever.  Period.  The club owns the table, and often has special steins with members’ names elaborately painted on them.  When members are not present, the steins are locked up in a display cabinet. I had no idea this sort of thing existed, and might have been in peril of being asked to mo...more

Augusta National Meets “Fifty-Four Forty or Fight”

You might have heard that a bastion of male only membership has decided to let two women join.  Augusta National Golf Club recently asked Condoleezza Rice and business woman Darla Moore to join.  There’s been a lot of comment on whether they were pressured to do so. ...more

Ghost Story from Sea Scout Ship Odyssey: The Lavender Ghost

The Sea Scout Ship Odyssey is a 90 foot sailing ship originally owned by the Henry family.  Mrs. Henry was a Vanderbilt granddaughter and word was that she loved lavender, but that is not who the story is about.     ...more

How Old Should Your Child Be When You Let Him or Her Travel Alone?

Some airlines let children travel as unaccompanied minors as young as five years old.  Would you let your child travel alone at that age?  Supposedly it is safe, as the parents can walk them out to the gate.  But there are pitfalls.  Do all parents wait until the plane actually takes off?  Or do they head for their car when the plane pushes back from the gate?  I dropped my elderly mom off once and left when the plane pushed back, and the plane developed a mechanical problem on while taxiing to the runway and returned to the gate for 3 hours.  Poor Mom, wh...more

Bad Names

Bad NamesMy husband and I love to think up bad names for things.  We imagine ourselves as an out-of-touch retired couple sinking their life savings into a lakeside resort and then naming it Mosquito Lake Resort.  Or Hungry Bear Campground. ...more