Life in the Fast...Er...Carpool Lane

Today was the first day of school for my oldest son. When 2:30 finally rolled around, we were so excited to go pick him up! We hurried to the car and Little Kid, enthusiastically, started saying his oldest brother's name. "Yay! We're going to pick him up!", I replied.  Big Kid's school is only about 5 minutes away, so we got there quickly, almost.  I forgot.  It's the first week of school. I knew, at that point, that it was going to be a while, but I was not prepared for what was going to ensue next....more
Wow! While reading this, I was torn between laughing, and suppressing a mounting feeling of "why ... more

Materialism & Marketing: And How It's Killing Us

“That feeling of freedom, open highways of possibilities, has kind of been lost to materialism and marketing.” - Sheryl Crow...more
Well said.  I want to add: be mindful of the advertising machine.  I used to say, stay away from ... more

Your Ten-Dollar T-Shirt Is Not The Problem

In the wake of the April 24th Bangladesh factory collapse, which is now considered to be the most deadly accident in the history of the garment industry, I’ve been hearing a lot of people sharing some pretty uneducated and uninformed opinions.I’ve heard stuff like, “Well, where did you think your ten-dollar T-shirt came from?”And, “Major clothing brands should refuse to do business with manufacturers in Bangladesh.”And, “Why do we even make stuff overseas anyway? It’s all crap.”...more
Thank you for going for balance:  it is a tough problem, and I agree with you, the fashion ... more

How to Vermicompost: Employing Worms

If you're interested in composting but challenged with living in a small space, or you'd rather avoid a pile of rotting garbage in your backyard, consider vermicomposting and letting worms do all the work in one enclosed. Also, if you've ever wondered why your cat or dog can't just "get a job already", they may be the ideal pets for you:...more
I'm not sure why, but I find it funny that your worm bin looks so much like mine (also ... more

Which Tech Helps You Stay Green?

How many of you made a decision to be more environmentally friendly in 2013? We know from our many research studies that the women in the BlogHer community tend to be more "green" than the general population....more
Interesting to see in the results that (as of today) less than 6% of respondents checked the ... more

Gasoline and the Environment

We have all heard that gasoline is bad for the environment but how does it affect you? I write this post because today, I woke up to the maintainance man pounding on my door. He had told me that gas was pouring out of my father in-law’s truck....more
Great advice! I hope this won't happen to you again anytime soon. more

The Day I Knew The American Palate Was Forever Ruined

What are Pringles?Right, they are "potato chips".  But they are really potato flakes and a lot of crap that are shaped into the magical Pringles shape.  A shape that isn't natural, is it?Have you ever cut up a potato and had it naturally look like these? ...more
Hey at least this is overtly outrageous. Not like those over-the-top fat&sugar laden dessert ... more

Cheap Ways to Stay Warm

    While trying to maintain a comfortable “cozy” in my apartment, I realized that winter and summer are probably the seasons we spend the most on our bills via heating/cooling. Then I thought - there must be better ways to keep the cozy without spending so much cash. I did a little research as well as thought on my own and put together a list of three of what I think to be remarkably simple and ingenious ways to keep comfortable while keeping bills low (or rather, lower)....more
This is one of those places where being green and saving money go together! Home heating/cooling ... more

The Struggle to Teach Kids It's About More than Gifts

If you're struggling to teach your kids that the upcoming holiday season is about more than getting gifts, you're not alone. Scooper at a la mode writes about her internal struggle and how she wants to get this one right. Do you have anything to add to this important conversation? ...more
I think it's totally okay for a child to have a long wish list.  I also think it's totally okay ... more

I Made a Town Meeting Gasp

I'm not the kind that plays for attention. In the background is where I feel comfortable; my husband and children say I even wear mouse-coloured clothes. My mouth is not fast, or loud. But yesterday I stood up at a town meeting and made the room gasp....more
@KarenLynnn I am so sorry to hear of your son's accidents! Sounds like he lives vigorously. Just ... more