Spring Palette!

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Mix and Match Holiday Outfits

If you are anything like me, I have to really think about the purchases I make when it comes to clothing. I love fashion but I am also practical when it comes to how much wear I will get out of what I am buying. I love the holiday evening dresses just as much as anyone, but the truth is, I will wear it once maybe twice a year at most. I just don't have those types of occasions that often. So dropping 100+ dollars with a pair of shoes and clutch and accessories to go with it, makes me cringe. That's why I'm all about separates!...more
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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas... With Feathers and Sequins!! (Ornament DIY)

 I decided to make my tree match my home decor this year in shades of pink purple and white! I wanted to do something fun and unique so I decided to come up with some special ornaments! Ok so I am doing another DIY I guess December can be my DIY month! lol! Moving right along I have not had a Christmas Tree in 4 years....more
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