Poll: Do You Have Friends of a Different Race?

A recent poll conducted by Reuters reports that many Americans have no friends of a race other than their own. It’s not that surprising, given the dramatically different ways people have reacted to recent events such as the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting, or even last week’s Twitter trend #solidarityisforwhitewomen. ...more
I grew up in a white bread community. It was supposed to be "better". The next town over, was ... more

Our Adoption Story, and What I Wish I Had Known

Adoption is a difficult road to navigate. When we chose to pursue adoption, we didn’t know many people who’d been down this road before and who could provide us with the basics on what to expect along this new phase of our journey. ...more
I would also love to add that  while waiting is a really really great time to learn about ... more

The Myth of Birth Mothers as a Hot Mess: Debunked

I am a birth mother. Most of you know this, but if you don't: I had a child when I was 15 and placed my daughter with an adoptive family. She will be 16 this November. There is a re-occurring theme for birth mothers that, quite frankly, is exhausting and just a tad infuriating. And that theme is: all birth mothers are a hot mess. ...more
Another NOT a hot mess mom raising her hand.  And out of the hundreds of other birthmothers I ... more

Racism in Adoption: Charging Different Fees for Different Races Is Not Okay

Adoption agencies charging different prices for different races is a hot button issue for me. However, sometimes my voice falls on deaf ears. That's why I love that Lara at Pocket Full of Prose shared her thoughts on the matter too. The more that we talk about this from all sides of the adoption triad the more that people -- and these unethical agencies -- will understand that this is simply not okay. ...more
The simple fact is that adoption IS a profit driven industry. It's over 5 billion dollars a ... more

Why (and How) Our Family is Taking a Year Off

When you tell people that you are voluntarily moving into a 24 foot travel trailer with your husband and two kids, you get to enjoy a variety of reactions. Confusion, excitement, doubt. Envy and encouragement. I've seen a broad spectrum of responses play across different faces over the last 8 months since I began telling people that I was planning to sell the bulk of my stuff and move my family into an RV so that we could travel around America for a year....more

Or really...in about 15 years. When I get down, I imagine this life, but I do fear that we would ... more

Inside the Outsider

I arrived at high school aged 11, in the full throes of my grunge phase. I was all Dr. Martens, tie dye from head to toe, and Nirvana and Pearl Jam blaring from my walkman. It's safe to say, the people at my school had never seen anyone quite like me. I was the new kid, starting halfway through the school year and was, without a doubt, an outsider right off the bat. ...more

I was first generation MTV which quickly translated into new wave to punk to full on Goth ... more

Confessions of a Teenaged Bitch

I have this friend -- we'll call her "Lisa" -- who has a teenaged son. She told me the teenaged-ness had come on very suddenly, and she was, in a word, maddened by the shift from a child with whom she'd previously had a mindmeld relationship to one whom she barely recognized. ...more

My second son just FINIALLY graduated high school last night.. in August. So I feel I am on the ... more

The $100 Question: Angella From Dutch Blitz Asks For Your Favorite Summer Beverage

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Angella from Dutch Blitz ...more

Best summer drinks? Easy:

For really quenching the heat or a long day of drinking like a ... more

Poll: Do You Talk to Your Daughter About Being a Woman?

I read BlogHer Contributing Editor Suzanne Reisman's post on religion and violence towards women as I was trying to figure out what to write this post about. It made me sad. Then, as I put away my lunch dishes, my eye fell to my five-year-old's ice-cream-cone art project. Next to her list of vocabulary words. And it occurred to me that I had the ability to influence her understanding of words, of expectations for herself as a woman. Do you agree? Let's take a poll....more

But I still couldn't pick a choice in the poll because, well,.. she's 9 and while I'm Ok ... more