Wild Time for SYA - Wild West Relay

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A Half-Marathon a Month for a Year

Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to doing good things.  Especially if those good things are something I've been doing for a while, things people have complimented me on, things I feel I have even the smallest of footholds.  Oh, I've made some progress?  Time to let that go.  ...more

Eugene Marathon 2012: A Little Bit of Denial Can Do Wonders at the Start Corral

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Eating While Running - Let's talk

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Charity Runs - Fanconi Anemia 12K & the Save Your Ass Foundation

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The If-Only Game

The If-Only GameThe night before a race I find it hard to sleep.  I often am awake, looking at the ceiling, my mind everywhere and anywhere but on the task at hand.  My anxiety doesn't knock on the door of my psyche - it kicks it in.  The strength of the stress task force depends on the length of the race.  If I'm running a 10K, it's a process server delivering a summons....more

Save Your Ass Foundation

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Ragnar Relay - Is that the Race I want to Support?

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