I Broke Up With My Best Friend

Three years ago, I broke up with my best friend. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done—we've known each other for thirty-five years. I know it was the right decision, but there are many days when I still miss her....more
I had my best friend break up with me and she never gave me a real reason. We'd been friend for ... more

I Yelled at a Stranger's Kid on Vacation

On the heels of Marcy's Diner owner Darla Neugebauer's outburst toward a toddler who had been crying for 40 minutes, I've been brought back to my own story of yelling at a stranger's child. However, when I went to link my story in a comment string, I was reminded that BlogHer editors took it upon themselves to replace the image of a child at a pool that I originally chose for my story. You see, I intentionally did not indicate the race of the child in my story....more
Don't feel bad. I had to scold a couple of girls at the public pool recently. My daughter ... more

The One '70s Album You Should Share with Your Daughter

Quick: What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Marlo Thomas? For me, it’s That Girl and Free to Be You and Me. Apparently, not everyone remembers her the way I do, though: Me: I used to love That Girl. Marge: What girl? Me: Marlo Thomas. Marge: Marlo Thomas wasn’t in That Girl. What’s-her-name was in that show. Oh, what’s her name? You know the one who was in that show with Ed Asner? ...more
You have just brought back a ton of memories for me. I'm going to go in search of this album to ... more

A Letter of Expectations to My Future Daughter-In-Law

Sarah Cottrell RachelBurger I was completely put off by this and had no idea this was supposed ... more

Budgeting for Back to School: Tips to Save Money on Everything from Backpacks to Pencils

Yay, back to school time! Sure, new stuff might soften the landing a bit for kids who are reluctant and cranky about starting the new school year. But what if you don't need anything to buy anything new this year? What if the school stuff they were just using back in June is still fine and acceptable for September? ...more
Your point regarding pants with blown out knees and other clothing that's pretty rough is pretty ... more

Is the Occupy Movement Sexist?

[Editor’s Note: I’ve been avidly following the Occupy Wall Street protests. And one thing I’ve noticed in the considerable media coverage is the glaring absence of women’s voices and concerns. Which leads me to ask: Isn’t this supposed to be a movement about economic and social inequality? And who knows that better than women, who still make far less than men do with same job? As Lucinda Marshall at Women’s Media Center reveals in a scathing look at the movement, that’s not even the worst of what women are encountering.—Mona] She writes: ...more
I think a lot of women who would like to be there can't because they're either working to ... more