Going Home Again

What do they say? You can’t go home again? Or can you?...more

Adopted in New Jersey

Having been adopted in New Jersey, I was never able to obtain my original birth certificate. Growing up I begged my adoptive mother over and over for any possible information she might have about my birth mother until one day, shooting her foot through the kitchen wall she screamed, “Don’t ever ask me that again.” I guess that was the end of the story. For years I would go on believing I must have been the product of rape, incest or my birth mother just wanted to get rid of me....more

Tomorrow's Diet

I will give up my favorite treats.From food made with sugar,to food made with wheat. No more spaghetti, or tart lemon drops.No more sandwich cookies or Tootsie roll  pops. No more ice cream or crispy French fries.Or buckets of popcorn, or even fried rice. No more lasagna, or BBQ food.No more large pizza, unless I’m in the mood. If I get too hungry, or get really mad;I know I’ll succumb, I know I’ll be bad. ...more

Sex and Words with Friends

 I could sense him getting close. His sweet breath felt warm against my neck. His strong hand, tenderly caressing my shoulder, was comforting, and exciting. Buzz, buzz. He was pulling me closer. Gently, he turned my face towards his. He gazed deeply into my eyes. Buzz, buzz. I turned away. He drew me closer. As our lips touched I could no longer ignore my feelings, my desire. I had to follow my heart. “Just one more word," I pleaded....more

Off to the Mall

I hate Black Friday. On black Friday I avoid the mall like the plague, no pun intended. So when my husband said he needed new glasses and wanted me to help pick them out, I insisted we shop for them NOW! So off we went....more

I Think I Figured Out My Husband, Maybe

As she watched the grin grow on her husband's face, it slowly dawned on her that he was not just pleased with how his home theater had turned out. That grin signified much more. His face declared "I won! I got what I wanted!" What did he want? It took her a home redecorating spree to figure it out. ...more
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