30 Days of Earth Day

This month I am blogging about sustainable living.   Every day includes a tip or other infomation on how we can create a more sustainable world. Each of us can make a differece.  Visit me:  http://www.spinsterjane.com/...more

December NaBloPoMo

I'm excited to be participating in this months NaBloPoMo particularly due to the topic chosen :  More/Less.  There are definitely a great many things I could use More and/or Less of in my life right now. The last time I did NaBloPoMo in December, 2012 I felt a bit intimidated at the start, especially since I had made the attempt twice before and not succeeded.  This time I'm entering the first day of blogging with a bit more confidence.  ...more

A Passion...

This blog post is about a particular passion of mine...http://www.spinsterjane.com/2012/04/passion.html...more

Nominated? What me??

A local paper here in Portland, Maine does an annual Best of Portland poll.  There is a huge awards event held after the votes are tallied and the winners are given placques to hang in a place of honor.  I was dutifully going through the ballot voting for favorite restaurants, bookstore, art venues, performers, etc.  When I came to the section on blogs I thought, "Oh dear, this is going to be one of those categories where I am not familiar enough with those nominated to vote."...more

Yes I'm 40...and?

I have never given 40 much thought.    Not in the way I thought about 27, though my fascination with that age was pretty much about the fact that I knew it was how old I would be when the calendar flipped from 1999 to 2000.  One month later I was 28, an age I had no particular attachment to.  Two years later I turned 30 without a whole lot of fanfare (I chose to spend the day alone eating cheese on the couch and yes, it was truly awesome).  Ten years have followed since and I now find myself on the edge of 40.......more

Giving or Receiving...

It's time for another NaBloPoMo blog prompt post about gifts....more

A Favorite Gift

This month’s NaBloPoMo theme is gifts.   I’ve not yet discussed the topic and I’m in need of a bit of inspiration this evening so I am making use of today’s prompt.  Which is…. What was your favorite thing you received below the age of 10? ...more