Where Are the Women and Minorities in Obama’s Cabinet?

After the 2012 campgaign season in which women and minority voters overwhelmingly re-elected President Obama, it seems the new cabinet is shaping up to be quite white and male....more
I think American never change anything on the focus of achievement to set the goal of promoting  ... more

Madame Senators: Meet the 20 Women of the 113th Senate!

Women made historic gains in the Senate last night: This past session, 17 women served; when the 113th Congress convenes in January, there will be 20 women representing their states in the U.S. Senate. Let's meet our Madame Senators! ...more
Does America  a christian country? Does a dream be created or planned according to failling ... more

Pinterest and Book Blogging: Use The Latest Social Media Craze To Your Site’s Advantage

Oddly enough, I find that I am getting almost as many hits on The Well-Read Wife from pinning my posts to Pinterest as I do from posting them to Twitter. At first I found this weird because I have over 2700 Twitter followers and only 57 Pinterest followers. So why am I receiving as nearly as many hits from Pinterest as I am from Twitter? I think it may have something to do with the reasons people use Twitter and Pinterest respectively. ...more
My concern is after read the books what must the readers do? more

UPDATED: Federal Court Rules Bloggers Have Same First Amendment Protections as 'Traditional' Journalists

JANUARY 22, 2014: Last week, a U.S. federal court ruled that bloggers have the same free speech protections as traditional journalists under the First Amendment: If the topic is a "matter of public concern," plaintiffs must prove the writer was acting negligently -- even if the post is defamatory. ...more
Saya tidak dapat mengikuti isu ini dengan adil. Tetapi kepada saya penulisan di blog ... more

No picture to make my image been known?

No picture to make my image been known? ...more
thank you it help me. more