Fat Tuesday Virtual Party! Please join us!

 Welcome to my Virtual Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras Party! The “Greatest Free Show on Earth” is in full swing down New Orleans way and if like me you are at home and feel like celebrating grab a beverage and join the party! ...more
Love your idea! We had hot dogs, beans, and king cake. Introduced my son to some New Orleans ... more

Mardi Gras King Cake, A Long Way From Home

It arrived via overnight shipping late last night in an unassuming package. By the time the New York sun allowed for photographs, it was almost half gone thanks to myself, and one other person (I will not incriminate this person for their own protection). ...more
Love it. Nothing like a New Orleans King Cake. I live in New Orleans and we had cakes from Joe's ... more

Is Blogging Really "Writing?"

Originally posted at: http://fourunder4plustwo.blogspot.com...more
Great question. Blogging is writing~maybe a less formal type. Congrats! more