Eating Healthier (and Cheaper!) For One

Recently, I have discovered unfamiliar territory: eating for one. For most of my adult life, I have had to grocery shop for a family and cook for a family. So this change in habit has so far caused me two problems; I eat completely differently than I once did, and I am throwing away a lot of food....more
Kudos to you - doing the break down on the cost of ingredients is important. When my husband is ... more

I'm Doing the 52-Week Money Challenge!

Want a relatively painless way to save $1,378 dollars this year? Try taking the 52-Week Money Challenge, which is all the rage of the Internets this time of year. It's pretty simple. You start by moving over a buck in the first week and build up to $52 in the last week. Or, as BlogHer Books Contributing Editor Karen Ballum suggested, you could start with the $52 and work your way down to $1 during the expensive holiday season. I moved over $1 from our joint account to my business account yesterday. Shhh ... don't tell my husband....more
This is an excellent way to {almost} painlessly save money! If you saved and saw the challenge ... more