Caramel Vodka Root Beer Float Shooter

Would it surprise you if I said I had more fun than usual with this recipe? And would it surprise you that I have had no shortage of guinea pigs to try this beverage? This root beer shooter is a fun adult twist on a classic and beloved drink. Serve some at your next gathering and watch them disappear! ...more

Banana-Chocolate Dessert Shells

Knockout Steak Without the Steakhouse Price: Grilled Chuck Eye

  One of my favorite budget-friendly cuts of meat is chuck eye, specifically labeled as “beef chuck eye steak—first cut” where I shop. It costs much less than choice rib-eye, sirloin strip or T-bone, but it is very flavorful and tender. In terms of where it is located, it is the cut right next to the rib-eye. I discovered this cut of beef about 10 years ago when a butcher at my grocery store ranted and raved over it. She said it was good for grilling; it was tender, economical and great for feeding a crowd. She highly recommended it. ...more
Laurend1985 In Good Flavor I really hope it turns out well for you!!more