DIY Lamp Birdbath

Dude! You totally need a lamp birdbath. By the time I am through with y'all, there's going to be lamp birdbaths lighting up your hood! Bahahaha! Lighting. That's awesome. So here's what you need: Lamp. Drill. Bowl. Epoxy glue. And spray paint if you wish. First things first: Cut the cord. ...more
birdingbabe Could you just put less water in the bowl?more

DIY Tech Gloves with Conductive Thread

I do not have fancy tech savy gloves.I am just far too cheap to purchase them as I am the type to set things down and walk away.If I have accidentally left a child behind, gloves are the last of my worries.Be nice, I have only done it once...Fortunately for me it was at a city trunk-or-treat and there were multiple policemen there.Unfortunately for me it was at a city trunk-or-treat and there were multiple policemen there.So, even though I don't have fancy tech gloves, I do have this:...more
Just wondering.... does this scratch the screen, at all?more

DIY Earring Organization

These are my earrings.I keep them in this super organized tupperware.Booooring.Actually, I really like this container, and whenever I travel I use it to take jewelry with me.So yeah, it's actually a good way to organize jewelry.BUT, I want something pretty to have in my closet....more
Very cute! I really like this. Much better than the tupperware. ;)more

Photography Tips for Color and Kids

I love summer! But what I love even more is taking pictures during the summer. Do you know how many pictures I take the month of January with the icky snow and freezing temps? Nada. I wrap my camera up tight and worry about the pipes freezing. Seriously, summer photography is the best! Want to love your camera this summer? Here are a few tips and tricks for capturing fabulous photos all while you bask in the fabulous sun....more

DIY Tech Cord Organization

I am just getting over a massive head cold. Yesterday evening, in the wee hours of the night, as I reached for a box of tissues on my nightstand everything came crashing down in one big sickly swoop.Apparently the tissues were competing for space with all my ridiculous electronic cords.I am not willing to part with any of my devices on my nightstand either. I read on my tablet before I go to bed. I check email on my phone in the morning. And if I don't have an MP3 player on my nightstand, there is going to be no motivation whatsoever to go walking the next day....more

Cassette Tape Storage

I needed to get a drawer full of USB cables organized, so I headed to my local thrift store and got a whole bunch of casette tapes for .50 a piece.Then my daughter thought they were actually movies and stole them all....more

Sharpie Marker Tie-Dye

This is not technically tie-dye per-say, but it's pretty darn close.You will need:-Rubbing Alcohol-Permanent Markers-Medicine Dropper or Small Paint Brush-Fabric-Large trash bagI used a plain white .99 bandana from Wal-Mart. I have also done this with t-shirts before and it works great....more

DIY Tech Tablet Stand

I am constantly using my iPad in the kitchen. Sometimes I follow a recipe on it, and sometimes I watch a movie when I probably should be paying closer attention to my recipe. :)I needed something durable to hold my iPad, but I didn't want to splurge on a case. I also wanted it to be functional for different sizes of devices too. Sometimes I use my daughter's Kindle Fire, and sometimes I just use my phone.Ready to see what I came up with?All of the supplies are from Lowe's.  Here's what you need for this project:Two casing blocks....more
My dad has a wood factory so I always get small wood samples. I'd love to do one of these diy ...more

DIY Abstract Oil Painting

I want to show you how I made this oil painting that is in in my studio, because:1.It's super easy.2.Owning and bragging about having original art work is cool.3.Yes, you can do it all by yourself.Here's what you need:...more
Love this!more

Photography 101 - Exposure Compensation

*This post was recently featured on the front page of BlogHer.*Today I am talking about exposure compensation.What the what?Don't work, it's much easier than it sounds!First, you need to pull out your DSLR, and find the exposure compensation button. It looks like a plus sign (+) over a minus sign (-).On the Nikon it's usually up top......more