My First Twitter War

"Just had my 1st Twitter war." I was sending a text message to my husband."Congrats," he said with trademark irony.But I took the congratulations to heart, because after all, starting a Twitter war is a small accomplishment. It means you influenced somebody to feel such negative emotions that they were compelled to hurl insults at you. It means you said something that, while perhaps unpopular, made an impression. And it means you accumulated a few passerby followers who did agree with you in the process....more
I had a twitter war once but it was all in good  fun :)more

I Don't Always Make Greek Food, but When I Do, I Make...

I'm not one of those people who brags about eating ethnic food - or rather, mentions it passively in order to make an impression, i.e. "so yeah, we went to Target and picked up some toothpaste before we stopped for some Pho" (if you prefer, alternate that with Indian, Cuban or Greek). Then again, maybe if I actually ate more ethnic food, I'd brag about it more....more
I agree with Darcie! LOVE Greek food...Yum! Yum!more

The Most Nutritious Vegetable Beef Stew You'll Ever Make

Iron-fortified beef, fiber-packed veggies and all the beta carotene you can handle. Are you ready for this insanely nutritious vegetable beef stew?...more
It does look wonderful and substantial for a cold day!  Thanks for the tip!more

What Andrew Breitbart Meant to Me

"Did you hear who died now? That's our third." I was speaking to a friend on the phone today, referring to the theory that celebrities die in groups of three. I'm pretty sure you know who the "first" one was this time. Yesterday, after singer Davy Jones passed (a childhood idol for many of us who watched The Monkees on Nickelodeon in the 80s, 20 years after it originally aired), we wondered aloud together who the third person would be....more
...IM respectful of your beliefs...but I kind of get tired of the term "true patriot" just makes ...more

Can Pinterest Help Your Business?

Seemingly overnight, Pinterest has skyrocketed in popularity. But can it help you market your business? According to one USA Today article, it can - but only if your business falls in one of a few categories. Find out what they are here, and share your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to know if Pinterest has helped your business. ...more

Why Your Daughter Shouldn't Watch Teen Mom 2

Tonight, MTV airs the finale-after-the-finale special of Teen Mom 2 season two. At one time, I allowed my two daughters to watch this show with me. I no longer feel that's a good idea - so I stopped. This isn't a judgement call on those who let their daughters watch Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 or 16 and Pregnant. To start, there are real differences with all three shows. But that's not what this post is about. The post I'm linking to is simply a list of reasons why I believe Teen Mom 2 is bad for girls - and believe it or not, they are reasons you may not have heard yet....more

It's a Buttermilk Biscuit Kind of Day

As in, it's a low energy, high anxiety, just-read-about-Dooce-separating-from-her-husband-and-not-sure-how-much-I-care kind of day. (Yep, I was late to the party there). In other words, it's a day to make buttermilk biscuits from scratch. Because homemade buttermilk biscuits make everything better....more

Another Valentine's Day Meal Suggestion

If you aren't quite saturated with Valentine's Day meal suggestions, I give you the pan-seared rib eye.You could head to a local steakhouse, wait two hours for a table and pay $80 for a steak dinner on Valentine's Day just for the "experience" (and what an experience it is, when you both get home at midnight on a work day, tired, tipsy and broke) - or, you could enjoy one at home and impress your lov-ah all with an outstanding pan-seared rib eye. Serve with whatever steak house sides you like, and set the DVR for Teen Mom 2; I know it's the finale, but you can watch it tomorrow....more

My First BlogHer Post

If you've been dying to encounter someone who took two hours to figure out how to clear her cache and upload an appropriately cropped BlogHer photo, then it's your lucky day. My name is Brook and I'm here to make new friends and keep the old, 'cuz one is silver and the other's gold. Last night was Girl Scout World Thinking Day so I'm in that kind of mood....more
A Thousand Points of Sauce! I love it! Happy blogging, and I'll look forward to those ...more