Another F.A.S.

Dear Ones:It is just one of those nights where I can't sleep. I was lying in bed and my mind was occupied with musings. I started thinking about my sweet girls. It pains me a great deal when I think about their diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome. The symptoms and struggles are all evident. Mercy was never in the situation that her issues could be a result of environment. Our home is the only home she has ever been in. It is heartbreaking to me, to think, F.A.S is not something you can "good parent" out of a child....more

I'm Back

 Dear Ones:...more


Dear Ones:This post should be a doozy. I'm not even really thrilled about writing it. I've been in a little bit of a slump lately. It's always hard for me coming off of a school break to get back into the routine. I've also had some conviction in my heart this morning too, and that is always chancy to share....more

Bare Piggies

  Dear Ones: It is late as I start this post, but I know I won't be able to sleep a wink until I get it out. I have titled it bare piggies for a couple reasons. The obvious one being after the blogs namesake. The obscure reason being I just had my socks completely blessed off, and I need to bare my heart. For the past three days I have been fiddling with my blog....more

God did not waste any time

Good Morning Dear Ones: I'm already meeting one of my MORE desires this morning with writing another blog post so soon. Somehow I think this one connects all my more longings. God did not waste any time nudging my heart. Actually He has been gently nudging it for some time now, and an e mail I received from a dear friend this morning just confirmed it. Now it is up to me to respond....more


Happy New Year Dear Ones: This post was inspired by Kelly from Ordinary Days. She is a wife, mother by birth and adoption, and also has children with special needs....more


Dear Ones: This will probably be the most vulnerable post I have ever written. Recently I have been hit by a major faith wound. A wave of weariness has almost drowned me....more

Finding the Piece that has brought Peace

Dear Ones: I have been on a lifelong journey. A seeking journey. Recently, I have finally been catching a glimpse of what my heart has desperately sought over the years. It has made me extra weepy in the emotions department if you can believe that is even possible.  I'll do my best to explain. I've shared recently about my new dream of writing. As I have spent time in prayer and reflection I am simply overcome. I feel like this new dream really isn't new at all. The love affair with writing has been there all along....more

God's Favor

Dear Ones: I am not sure about the coherency of this post. So in advance forgive me. I am literally weeping right now. You know how it is when God just floods your dry soul.  I don't think I will ever cease to be amazed at how God is so faithful and how incredible He is. I am so thankful that He shows up. I guess I will start with yesterday. Big time parenting fail. Which spiraled into just being down in the dumps....more