My 100th blog post

I wrote my 100th blog post yesterday.  What a milestone!  I started out to write for myself, as a forum to air out the random 'what's on my mind' thoughts, since it felt like my brain needed a release valve.  Well, it's working!  I am enjoying myself immensely and am grateful to those folks that read what I have written - that is an unexpected treat that I didn't realize I'd find; and I am grateful to all of you who write so I can read - that has been a thought provoking, funny, interesting, and entertaining addition to my life as well....more

How Old Would You Be...

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" - Satchel Paige Great question!  Full post at

Do you dream?

I'd be curious to know whether I am alone in my vivid dreaming... ...more

headache schmeadache...

freakin' headaches!  I have had migraines as long as I remember...every so often, maybe a few times a year, it would start around noon, get worse and worse with nausea, light sensitivity, and dizziness, until I finally threw up, and then I would sleep 12 hours and be fine.  In my 40s, however, it rarely progresses to the very worst, but instead hangs around at perhaps 75% strength but doesn't go away for DAYS....more

When the Sun Comes Out Again

There is no doubt that most people are struggling right now to manage completely out of hand holiday schedules.  Myself included (see here:  or here:  Add to that some really gloomy weather her...more


It is December 13th today, in the upper midwest, and it is 35 degrees outside.  I heard on the news last nght that at this point last year we'd had 34 inches of snow.  This year, the weather guy said we've had nearly 8 inches.  However, that was far south of here.  We've had maybe 2 inches in my region.  This has two effects on this northern girl...first of all it makes it very difficult to fully appreciate that Christmas is 12 days away when it feels like October outside.  Second, it makes me long for snow.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  At this time...more

Is this the start of Bah Humbug?

Last year my Christmas decorations stayed up until...well, the tree went away by the end of January, but I think the mantle remained Christmas-themed until February or March.  We skipped a Christmas letter for the first time in 2010.  I found myself very annoyed with all the Christmas ornaments and many of the other decorations that are contained in no less than six totes in my basement.  I think what really pushed me over the edge, though, was when I put all the ornaments away, carried them downstairs, and had the bottom of one of the sectioned ornament boxes crack open and ...more
@outstatemom Goodwill in the next town? ;)more

Christmas gift rant

My sister in law controls everything about her children - she always has and probably always will as it happens even now with teenagers.  This is especially true with regard to their Christmas wish lists.  I always start asking for ideas in November and many times I get an offer from my sister in law that she has purchased things for them that she would be happy to let me use as a Christmas gift for them.  The theory would be that I then pay her something, she wraps a gift she bought for her kid, and puts my name on it.  Impersonal much?  The cla...more

Blogging Dilemma

From:  Newbie Blogger To: Experienced "life" bloggers Topic:  Anonymity My posts here and on my blog are about about my life and my journey.  There have been other people involved in my life and my journey, and I am very unsure how to best identify those people in my stories.  I wrote a post about my husband - had to just use his name because it was too weird without it.  My own name is out there.  But so far my other stories include my friend, my other friend, my guy friend, my friend's get the picture.  It is awkward...more
I have always used aliases, but it does occasionally get cumbersome and complicated--my nieces ...more

Thank goodness for lists!

Holy cow - after a few days where I couldn't stop the words from pouring out on nearly any topic, I had a moment today where I thought "what in the heck will I write today?"  I looked at my paper list and thought "none of that really interests me". It was then 10 seconds of panic before I remembered that I had a second list on my smart phone.  Popped open that app, found my list of ideas and away I went.  Thank goodness!  I am so enjoying this flood of words.  My head is feeling so much better.  And I have already invited three of my friends to read what I...more