Why I Hate The Elf On The Shelf

I'm not happy about this post. I love mocking ridiculous things, but I feel most comfortable poking fun at stuff I like. Things like my college football team, my kids' quirks, my brother's ability to get free stuff from anyone he meets, and how my mom identifies herself by name when she leaves me a message. "Oh, hi Amy. This is your mom. Susan." My favorite target is myself. But today I turn my disdain outward, to a society that complains about consumerism and too many commitments, but spends $30 dollars for the privilege of managing the "magic" of a cheaply made stuffed elf during the busiest month of the year....more
I could never quite give in to my son wanting an elf on the shelf simply because the darn thing ... more

Join Us for December's NaBloPoMo and Get to Work

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? WORK. December kicks off a new addition to the BlogHer conference family -- BlogHer PRO -- and what better way to celebrate it than to consider how work fits into each of our lives? More and more, the work we do isn't falling into clear-cut, 9-to-5 boundaries. Some work is unpaid but moves us closer to our overall goal. Some work doesn't feel like work at all because it's so much fun. ...more
Looking forward to this challenge! more