UPDATED: Federal Court Rules Bloggers Have Same First Amendment Protections as 'Traditional' Journalists

JANUARY 22, 2014: Last week, a U.S. federal court ruled that bloggers have the same free speech protections as traditional journalists under the First Amendment: If the topic is a "matter of public concern," plaintiffs must prove the writer was acting negligently -- even if the post is defamatory. ...more
Rhoadwarrior66 Drager/Haberman should be ashamed of himself with the 2006 lawsuit against his ...more

BlogHer, Verizon, Google, and the Future of the Internet, or Why You Should Care About Network Neutrality

Unless you scrupulously avoid reading news sites on the Internet, you've probably heard that Google and Verizon made a big announcement last week, having something to do with "Net Neutrality." And unless you are a policy wonk or a tech-geek, or you saw one of the really inflammatory headlines, your eyes probably glazed over and you moved on to the next story. Please read this one. Net Neutrality is incredibly important, and this Google-Verizon proposal is bad for the future of the Internet. ...more

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Getting to Know LizaWasHere

Kudos, Denise! This was a great idea. I'm Liza, of LizaWasHere. I also blog with Deep South Moms, was the founder of LesbianFamily.org, and recently launched a my own business, PrivacyCounsel. ...more

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