Apps for Mom’s Windows Phone

Motherhood is a big job. Whether working inside or outside the home, Mom can take on multiple roles: event planner, chef, maid, chauffeur, nurse, teacher, accountant - and many other responsibilities. Thanks to great apps for her Windows Phone, she can juggle all these roles easier than ever....more

Gadgets that help save the planet

Every year on April 22, more than one billion people around the world celebrate Earth Day. On this day, people, communities, organizations, and governments acknowledge the bountiful planet we call home and use this date to call attention to the importance of protecting its resources....more

The Connected Car: Your Next Mobile Platform

If you thought talking on the phone hands free in your car was cool, brace yourself for what’s next. Your next car will be smart and connected–empowering safer driving and greater efficiency, serving up dynamic and interactive infotainment, and even be context-aware, automatically adjusting to your cockpit preferences. ...more
has an unabashedly curmudgeonly stand on this: Most of these gadgets are distracting, and moms ...more

10 Great Productivity Apps for 2013

We all have New Year’s resolutions (whether we acknowledge them out loud or not). While getting fit is usually at the top of the list, getting organized and more productive often follows closely behind....more

Mobile Trends Driving Internet Growth, Changing our World

Apps, devices and connectivity are indispensable to how we live our lives today. The world is going mobile. Ok, that’s an obvious statement. But think about its significance. Everywhere we go, everything we do, we’re carrying a smart, connected mobile device. Be it a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, mobile devices have become an essential tool to get where we’re going, to make important decisions immediately, to keep us productive on the road, to make dinner reservations, entertain our kids and even secure our homes remotely. We’re always connected, but we’re only at the tip of the ice berg in terms of how it will change our world. ...more

What is NFC and Why Do I Need It?

NFC makes just about anything smarter. Imagine flipping on music when you walk into a room with just a wave, or see a new recipe from a grocery store ad with just a tap. Wouldn’t it be nice to start up your workstation and access your email just by setting your phone on the desk?...more

Get Ready! Windows 8 Pre-Orders Start Today

With devices that slide, swivel and flip, Windows 8 PCs arrive on our doorsteps in just a few weeks if you order early...more

Knewton to Reinvent Learning To Make Kids Smarter

I’ll admit, not since college have I thought about the value of education and the impact it has on our communities. I know its importance, but surrounded by diapers and bottles for the last five years had me worrying about more immediate issues. Until now....more

Career Focused or Super MOM: Let Marissa Decide

Deviating from my normal thoughts on tech innovation, today I’m thinking about women, work and motherhood ...more