BC Part 5: Food/Shopping, Courtenay BC Area

(Disclaimer: Now the misses are subjective. My tastes are different from yours. Although there are no true misses in this post.)...more

BC Part 4: Food/Shopping, Granville Island

Beautiful water views, with ferries to take you back into the city. ...more

BC Part 3: Stanley Park, Vancouver BC Area

Although I didn't quite make it through most of Stanley Park, mostly around part of the park a couple of times. My map skills are lacking, but too be fair I don't know the area. It's a big place and if you're physically limited, don't try and walk it in a day. Too much for me, although it was nice. The cherry blossoms were starting to bloom, as shown below, some varieties anyhow....more

BC Part 2: Food/Shopping, Burnaby Area

(Disclaimer: Not meaning to slam any business but the truth is, well , the truth. Now the misses are subjective, as my tastes are different from yours. Hope you get some use out of the post.) ...more

BC Trip Part 1: The Basics

Burnaby, BCMy vacation/scouting trip was pretty successful, but it was busy from the get-go. I did have one day off, but I could have used another one. I pushed myself way too much when I knew better....more

Vacation/Scouting Trip

So far, so good. There's a lot to do, in a short amount of time. Even with all the hustle and bustle, including my last assignment & a lot of walking, I'm having a good time. It's also so nice to walk around with just an extra sweater, and no coat. That I like so far....more

Friday the 13th

is a good luck day for me. There may not be anything spectacular that happens, but nothing horrible does either. If you think bad things are going to happen they probably will. Kai, my black cat pictured below, is my good luck charm, there's nothing bad or evil about her. To me those black cat supersitions are garbage. If a black cat crosses your path, just say hi and move on. If one walks under a ladder, well it walked under a ladder....more


plans are on the go. About 3 weeks in British Columbia and I can't wait. So it's triple time on getting this course finished or at least up until the final project, which is not due until April 24th. I really do not want to do any school work on vacation, but who knows. Why didn't I wait until the end of April, you may ask? Well I don't want to travel when it's getting too warm, I detest the heat. I don't want to travel when the place will be even busier with tourists. Getting accommodations that I like and that are close to town, will be harder and more expensive....more

Book Review of Angelopolis & New Scratching Post

(Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing books & products that I enjoy!)...more

Saturday Edition

Loving Saturday because I spent Thursday and Friday in migraine hell. If it didn't clear up today it would have been a trip to the hospital. I have tons of work to catch up on but I'm so glad that my migraine is gone for the most part. Just a lingering, of throbbing and dull pain. So I won't be over doing it today. I'm just thankful that I can function today....more