A Letter to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle: I am not going to mince words. YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR DAUGHTERS. It is your job to protect them. You did not. Instead, you chose to protect your son....more
Great letter. Thank you for sharing it with us. more

Will You Wear the Acid Wash Trend?

I'll be honest, you guys. I didn't think the acid wash denim revival was for me....more
Nope. I wore them the first time around and not again. more

My Mother's Body Got Lost

I'm trying to plan my mother's funeral, but we have a problem. We can't find her. My mother passed away Saturday after a long illness. I had all the funeral arrangement planned months in advance, so I was prepared when the inevitable happened. After she died, I contacted the proper authorities to transport her body 100 miles to her hometown of Wendell, Idaho for the funeral and burial. ...more
Condolences on the loss of your mother. I just lost my mother as well and I could not imagine if ... more

Recipe and Reverie for My Dad's Coconut Cream Pie

My dad died 17 days ago. He had been sick, but I wasn't expecting it. That also happened to be my daughter's sixth birthday and the day before my own. It's been a hell of a couple of weeks....more
My condolences, to you. Losing a parent is wretched. I just lost my mom a couple of weeks ago, ... more

How Do You Say Goodbye When He Doesn't Believe He's Dying?

How do you say goodbye to someone who doesn't believe he's dying?...more
That is a hard question to answer. Luckily you had more time with him that you thought you ... more

Suicide Is Not Selfish

I don’t want to hear another person say that suicide is “selfish”....more
Love this, thank you for writing it. I'm tired of hearing that "suicide is selfish". You don't ... more

How to Make a Living as a Crafter

I have made a living as a crafter for close to 15 years. It has not always been easy. There were times I was poor, and there were times I felt rich. There were times without health insurance, and times when I was staying in hotels in Beverly Hills. The craft industry waxes and wanes like anything else. This, my friends, is why I always live by the motto that you need to have several financial irons in the fire at once. ...more
Love this! I am a big believer in having multiple income streams. If one dries up you're not ... more

On the Pursuit of Blogging Fame

As much as I say "I don't care about growing my blog" and "I'm writing just for me" -- it's not true. Not for me. (Not for you, either, by the way.) We wouldn't be out here, putting our thoughts, lives, emotions out on display if we didn't want it to be read. That's the bottom line: We all want our blogs to be read. ...more
So true!. As much as I don't want the audience, a little part of me does, or I would write out ... more

Should a Pre-K Teacher Be Disciplined for Sending Home Letters About Her Students' Hygiene?

A Buffalo teacher sent home a note with her pre-kindergarten students and mayhem ensued. The Buffalo School District has filed disciplinary action against the teacher, Ms. Sharon Dunnigan, and the parents of the pre-kindergarten students have lashed out at the "offensive" note. The note read: URGENT NOTICE!!! PLEASE READ ...more
I think the note, in general was fine. Maybe she should have given the principle a heads up, but ... more

Store-Bought Pie Dough Showdown: Do Any Compare to Homemade?

Are you a homemade crust user or a store-bought crust user? I put some store-bought crusts through their paces, and updated the prices for 2014. ...more
I'm not that great at making crusts (improving every year) but it's still better then store ... more