Health Risks You Didn’t Know Existed at a Public Pool

With the summer season drawing to a close, millions of swimmers are taking their lost shot for their local public pools. Whether you use the swimming facility as a way to take part in water-related activities, cool off, or catch some rays, the public pool is a great summer spot to visit. But it can also pose some serious health complications that you may not know existed. Public Domain Image via Pixabay...more
Yikes! I never was a fan of public pools, your post is reason 101 why I never will be. more

Racism Is Nothing New, We Just Have the Videos Now

All the carnage that's taken place over the past week—the police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota and the shootings of police officers in Dallas— is a repeat of acts, actions, and reactions that have been occurring since the beginning of time....more
Love this! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I remember having to sit through many English ... more

10 Tips To Help You Deal with Difficult Comments

You spent hours writing that blog post. You clicked publish and you couldn't wait until the comments started rolling in. You didn't expect the entire internet to agree with your or give you glowing reviews. You thought it would be really interesting to have a conversation with other people online—people who agreed with you, people who didn't agree with you. But then the comments started coming in, and the interesting and thoughtful discussion you were hoping to have, turned into something else entirely. ...more
Great tips, that I use now and will use in the future. #4 is great, if I have nothing positive ... more

Top 10 Race-Conscious Things to Talk About With Your Child

In honor of Raising Race Conscious Children’s 100th post, this list lifts a quote from each and every blog post to date, modeling language that has actually been used in a conversation with a child regarding race (and other identity-markers such as gender and class)....more
Addressing race issues is a must, in my opinion. Ignoring it will not make it go away. Asking ... more

Coming Clean to My Kids About My Cutting

A couple of months ago I picked up my kids from school. Like any other day, I asked how their day was. Q told me that she cried in health that day.  I asked why.  She set it up for me and told me they were talking about good and bad stressors.  They talked about ways stress can be helpful as well as the negative side of stress.   They talked about eating disorders, alcohol and drug use, and cutting. ...more
Thank you! more

How to Move Without Breaking a Sweat (or the Bank)

Excited to move, but have a limited budget and dread the back-breaking work of carrying heavy boxes and furniture out of your old place and into your new home?Your worries are over.Do the best you can to save money by getting free boxes from retail stores, packing your worldly possessions yourself and renting a U-Haul and driving it to your destination. That’s all good....more
It is so worth it to hire people to help you move. Save money, if you have advance notice. Cut ... more

I Don't Like Posting Selfies and Other Blogging Confessions

I keep hearing a lot about how we can't be all to everyone. It seems we are always going going going and getting ourselves deeper and deeper into the busyness that is blogging. You see a lot of posts out there about "Simplifying Your Life: Use a Post Planner" or "5 Ways to Being More Balanced in Your Writing." ...more
I am not a selfie person either. Not because I think I'm hideous but because selfies are not ... more

5 Reasons I Love Boxing for Exercise

I used to be a pretty hardcore home gym enthusiast. Okay. Maybe it was not the home gym I was so enthusiastic about. It was the idea of working out in public that I was decidedly unenthusiastic about. Alright. Terrified. All those people. In close proximity to me. Sweaty and aggressive and into sports. Yuck. So not my thing. ...more
I love boxing for exercise but I weirdly feel more aggressive & want to fight people (not that I ... more

Enough About Running! What About Walking?

Whenever I'm asked about hobbies and things I love to do, walking is always at the top of my list. I have enjoyed walking for as long as I can remember. Whenever I'm on vacation, you'll always find me being a walking tourist rather than taking the tour bus, every single time. ...more
I love walking as well. It's a chance to clear my mind and forget about work for awhile. I use ... more

When You Feel Like No One Likes You Online

"Nobody likes me." I'm sure that most of us can tell of a time in our lives that we said this to ourselves. We didn't just say it, but we actually thought it. We believed it. Image: Arwen Abenstern via Flickr via Creative Commons license ...more
Totally agree. I have very little viewers on any of my platforms, but I love doing it, so I ... more