A letter to my teenage son

Our son recently turned 13. He is officially a teenager, and that means a change in parenting. It means that he's growing up although is not yet grown up.Balancing life as a teenager is a precarious thing. It's one that I remember all too clearly. I wish I could forget some of the things I did as a rebellious teenager, and I certainly wish I didn't think about the curse that parents, grandparents, and teachers muttered at me."I hope you have a child that is worse than you."...more

Infertility Feelings: There are so many of them!

This month marked my second round of clomid. Now it's the waiting period.Those excrutiating weeks where the only thing you can do is wait and see. The thoughts running rampantly through your mind wondering if it worked this time. Marking off the days in a calendar, obsessively checking your ovulation calendar, then downloading a second one in case the first one isn't good enough, and demanding baby making sex in case you miscalculated....more

Do Your Research

During the course of teaching last school year I planned and taught a lesson to my students about the importance of recognizing media bias and getting news from a variety of reputable news sources. As anyone who is on any form of social media knows not everyone has learned this lesson because we all have that friend or those several friends who are reposting every single conspiracy theory or scandal that they come across. This annoys me to no end, and often times I want to point out the fallacy in their logic....more

We should always be doing it.

There are some people who will read this post and think that I am being ungrateful or rude or somehow trying to be offensive to everyone who has so willingly and wonderfully helped Moore since the tornadoes. Those people are wrong. I am not discounting a single donation, volunteer, or person who tried to help in the wake of this tragedy. I feel incredibly blessed that benefit concerts were held, donations poured in, volunteers spent their time, effort, and money helping my neighbors to the south in Moore....more


About 24 hours ago I was driving home in case the storms that were about to devastate my neighbors to the south came my way. I was listening to the radio so that I could keep track of the storm. My father in law had picked my son up from school in case they got locked down. I couldn't get through on the phone to my husband at all. ...more
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