What Do You Do When Your Teen Won't Get a Job?

I blame myself.No actually I blame people who are parenting kids born in the early to mid 90's.We messed up. We did it wrong. We shouldn't have listened to the "experts." I think we should have parented more like our parents did than how we were told was a "better way." I am of course speaking about the way we have parented our children who were born between 1992 and 1996....more
Hmm. This article & the comments below are a good lesson & reminds me to encourage my girls to ... more

An Honest Conversation with My Gay Friend

The other day we got together with a friend of mine from high school named Andrew*, and his boyfriend, Tom. They moved out of state earlier this year, but a business trip brought him and Tom back through town recently, and we jumped at the chance to go out to dinner with them. This was one of the first times in a long while that we'd had a chance to sit down and talk with them, just the four of us. We caught up on life and work, Andrew and I clicking as well as we always have. I wore waterproof mascara because I knew I'd end up laughing to the point of tears, which, in fact, I did....more
Boy. Mention the words gay & marriage around here, people go from zero to unhinged in a nanosecond.  more

Not Everyone Had a "Mother" to Celebrate

I had a mother once, but not a real mother. She gave birth to me, but almost anyone can do that. I know deep, deep down, under and inside and probably wrapped up inside of something else and hidden in a corner of her, there was love for me.I believe in childbirth we give up the body of the child, but left behind is this powerful seed. Some people tend to it and embrace it as a gift. Not everyone does. Not everyone has a mom who paid attention to that burning in their chests and aching in their stomachs and inability to get your mind to rest at night. Not every new mother understands that this tiny baby is theirs and you are going to give up anything you have to just to keep it safe and to let it know it is loved....more
It seems like the mom game is rigged for us to inflict emotional damage on our kids (even ... more

Romney's "We Did Build This" Right on Target

While Mitt Romney continues his foreign trip to England, Israel and Poland, back home the debate rages on as to who builds what in America.Just 99 days out from Election Day, 18 "We Did Build This" events span 12 states driving home the campaign's full-court press on President Obama's controversial remarks on in Roanoke, Virginia. on July 13:...more
It was clumsily phrased. A rarity for Obama. But when it comes to "things the candidate ... more

Do You Pay More Taxes Than Mitt Romney Does?

At the risk of turning you off completely, I’m going to talk about a subject we all loathe: taxes. Specifically, I’m going to talk about Mitt Romney’s obstinate refusal to release more than two years of his tax returns and why it’s a button with me. Just now as I was writing this, I decided to Google “Romney and tax returns” and lo and behold. Now I’m even madder. ...more
Huh. Just when I'd begun to think BlogHer was nothing more than an echo chamber, along came this ... more

Standing Up For Chick-fil-A

The ruckus over Chick-fil-A raises the question: Who's behaving like the hater here?...more
The strident "tone" of this controversy feels disproportionate to me. If you disagree with CFA ... more

Why Homosexuality Scares Some Religious Conservatives

Rachel Held Evans, Christian blogger and author of the upcoming book “A Year of Biblical Womanhood:How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband Master,” has set in motion a weeklong discussion of a common debate in evangelical c...more
Another fear of homosexuality (that is really no different than whites who fear Blacks moving in ... more

Old Habits Make a Comeback

Sorry I’ve disappeared for a while I’ve been preoccupied. I started writing again and I’m not all that happy about it. I thought I had put my silly pursuit of being a published author to bed, made peace with my inability to produce a decent manuscript, and began investigating other pipedreams.  I was writing free for nine months (I consider my blogging to be humorous blathering, not really writing) but sometime in June I fell off the wagon.  I began to outline an idea. I began to write the phrases and vignettes that were bubbling up. I began to think like a writer again....more
Ugh. been there. just when i think to myself "Ok. the writing is just a hobby, let me get on ... more

Do I Have to Accept my Co-worker's Facebook Friend Request?

[Editor's Note: You start a new job, and all of a sudden all your co-workers start to friend you on Facebook. Do you accept? Ignore? Here's some straight advice from a manager on what to do. -- Paula G] ...more
Depends. If I'm already friends with other coworkers & it would be awkward to decline their ... more

The War on Women: Religion

I live in a country that I appreciate because we are allowed some freedoms many countries are not. In my country, women without means have access to birth control. Women can terminate a pregnancy if necessary without threat of being criminalized or having to risk an illegal procedure that can be life threatening and dangerous. These rights are under attack. It has been proposed that abortion be made illegal, that our government shouldn’t pay for birth control....more
Recently, Melinda Gates personally threw her weight (and part of the Foundation's billions) ... more