Slow-Cooked Apples with Pecans

I was a little nervous about making this recipe. Would slow-cooked apples actually taste OK? Would anybody like them? ...more

Dinosaur Air Plant Holders for the Young and Young at Heart

I LOVE air plants. Aren’t they the weirdest things? I mean, no soil or water? ...more

10 Activities to Guarantee You Have a Great Writing Retreat

In October my writing group takes an annual retreat to the mountains to hike a little, eat and drink a lot, write and plan a lot, and laugh enough to lengthen our lives considerably. When people learn about our group, they ask how they can do the same thing—both start a writing group and plan a writing retreat. Here’s a series of posts (One, Two, and Three) where my friend Daisy writes about starting a writing group and in this post I’ll lay out what we do at our retreat ....more

Acorn Squash Soup

Do you know those people who can whip up a delicious dinner to take to a friend whenever their friends might need a hand? I know those people. I am not one of them ....more

Sunday Sentiment {37 – the one about your adult life}

You’ve gotta be brave when you go into your adult life. You’ve gotta nut up. The post Sunday Sentiment {37 – the one about your adult life} appeared first on SLL ....more

Basil Vodka Gimlet Cocktail Recipe

To continue Operation Cocktail Redemption it’s time to bring on one of my all-time favorite drinks. It’s a Basil Vodka Gimlet I discovered at a local Italian restaurant a few years ago. I gave it a try and I’ve been sold ever since ....more

Weekly Yoga Pose – Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend is another pose that seems super simple but you’d be surprised at how little flexibility you might have until you start practicing. We always see pictures of people folding in half and touching their heads to their knees, arms wrapped around their legs and touching the ground. That’s excellent, but I’m here to tell you, I have never folded down into a Standing Forward Bend and touched my head to my knees ....more

Talk is Cheap – Love Language to the Rescue!

Let’s talk for just a little bit about science and monkeys and love. Stay with me. There’s a thing called signaling theory that says a lot of the things we want to know about each other are not directly observable (like emotional states, natural abilities or how we might act in the future) ....more

Sunday Sentiment {36 – the one about knowing yourself}

We think this is phenomenally important. Knowing yourself, what makes you light up, what you’re about, is essential to living a meaningful, truthful life. Make it your business to know yourself ....more

Sunday Sentiment {35 – the one that says to listen to your heart}

Listen to your heart. Sometimes this is the best solution. Forget the science and the data, the research and the numbers, the advice and the warnings, and the experience ....more