Local Woman Politician Resorts to Mudslinging, Disappointing Feminists

When I received an e-mail and the rss feeds yesterday about McCain's attack ads on Obama, the timing was oddly serendipitous. The very same morning, my husband who is running for State Rep for Michigan's 22nd District learned that one of his opponent's has stooped to the same type of politics-as-usual games, with her own attack ads. Yes, you read that correctly her attack ads. ...more

Women Disenfranchising Themselves?

I was recently involved in a discussion about the current election with several women. No surprise there. We were all from different walks of life, had different political views and represented a cross section of demographics—again, no surprise. What did surprise me was that a third of the group admitted that this would be the first election in which they were voting. Several admitted to not even really paying much attention to the election, even though they would be voting in November. Well, good they’re finally voting. ...more

Well put!

About a year ago I caught a movie on TV about the sufragettes. By the end of ...more

Exit Poll Stats Show S.C. Voters Voted on the Issues

Despite the media wanting voters to be conflicted, especially black women voters, it seems as if gender and race played less of a role in this election than the issues themselves and how the candidates address the issues. CNN's exit poll statistics reveal an interesting breakdown among voter demographics. ...more

Forgive me--I haven't figured out how to use the quote function yet (this is to Denise): you ...more


I'm new to blogher too. I love it! I'd been waiting until my Musings from the Mitten blog had been up long enough to join, and suddenly it had been four months since having my blog up. I'm really excited to be here. ...more

I'm not seeing your BlogHer blog post date entered incorrectly: ...more