20 Food Blog Trends That Need to Die in 2015

Honestly, people, we don't know why we even bother. We do the very hard work of reading all the blogs and spotting all the hackneyed trends for you, and for what? We've officially lost the war on stripey straws, mason jars, quinoa, and pumpkin spice. But we're still fighting the good fight, so we've rounded up a whopping 20 food blog trends that got so tired that we can't even. (And you shouldn't either. Or maybe you should. Whatever. Be that way. ) ...more
OldShoesNewTrip Just my sincere thanks. I'm from St. Louis where Gooey Butter Cake originated ... more

10 Food Blog Trends That Should Stop

In food, as in fashion, trends come and go. As in fashion, some of those trends become so ubiquitous that we simply tire of them. And so, like peplums and ombre hair, here is a list of trends in food blogging that we'd like to be able to say in retrospect were so 2013. Stripey Straws Image: Courtesy of Sean Timberlake ...more
You nailed it; hopefully in the coffin. Except I think GF and Paleo suffer from a lot of the ... more

I Was Called a Bitch This Morning

I was called a bitch this morning.By a very nice-looking young man in a football jersey riding a homecoming parade float.This was because I didn’t stop to let the float he was on turn into the parking lot.I looked behind me. There were no cars after me. I knew the float would easily turn after I passed.So I gave a little wave of my hand.Then I heard from my open sun roof:“I wasn’t waving — I was telling you to stop, bitch.” ...more
I think you have a right to be upset and I'm amazed at those that are excusing this young man's ... more

Thank You, Angelina.

Thank you, Angelina. Because the first thing I thought, after hearing the news story about her elective double-mastectomy, was “if she can do it, I can do it.” When I found out, back in November of 2011, that I have the BRCA-1 mutation, the  decision to opt for a preventative double mastectomy, followed by an oopharectomy, was pretty much a “no-brainer.”...more
Talk about the breadth of impact a Hollywood star has...pretty amazing that one of her many ... more

15 Food Blogger Trends of 2012 That Need to Go

As January approaches, it's a time for new beginnings, new journeys and changes in our lives. It's also the time to take stock of the previous year and jettison the old, the mundane, the things that are holding us back or that clog up our lives. And you know what? As food bloggers, we can apply this valuable process to our own blogs....more
It is a bit scary that all of these thoughts from a variety of people have swirled in my head at ... more

Do You Let The Dog Sleep With You?

We have a puppy and we like her. She's cute. But we do not want her to sleep with us. We don't even want her to consider jumping on the bed, but she does. And that's the problem. How the heck can we get her to STOP DOING THAT? (Particularly when it seems like most of the internet thinks it's cute and that dogs belong on beds! I'm sure she's reading all of the comments on the photos I've posted and they are just encouraging her to try and try again. Gah.)...more
My dog spent a great deal of her life visiting different beds. She was my daughter's dog so ... more

Blogger Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Photos You Don't Own on Your Blog

One of the things I learned early on was that a post with a photo always looked nicer than one with just text. So I looked at what other people were doing for pictures.  And mostly it seemed that everyone was grabbing pics from Google Images and pasting them on their sites. Sometimes with attribution, most of the time without. And when I asked others (or looked at disclaimers on websites and Tumblrs), it seemed that everyone agreed using pics that way was okay under Fair Use standards. ...more
I have a food blog and I take photos of the items I post. I also have a web development business ... more

Give Yourself the Gift of a Self-Hosted Blog

You've been thinking about it, I know you have. You eye those people's blogs who have a url sans Wordpress or Blogspot, and you wonder if you should do the same. You know, self-host. Maybe it's just low on your priorities list and you're busy. Maybe you're overwhelmed with the idea of self-hosting. But this is the time of year to give yourself a gift, and I'm going to encourage you with this gift guide to give yourself the gift of self-hosting. ...more
I am a food blogger part time but own a web developer firm and I've done a lot of these moves ... more