Understanding the choices of Nadya Suleman

My first reaction to hearing about Nadya Suleman and her eight babies: America is great! This is a country where if you have the cash, then there is a doctor waiting to make it happen. (No, I’m not particularly proud I tend to lean toward sarcasm; I’m working on improving in that area.) ...more

New to Blogher, not new to blogging

Hello, everyone. I've been blogging since 2005, but never found my way to Blogher... until now. My name is Monica and my blog is Paper Bridges, where I write about what I hope encourages other Christian women. I've been married for 10 years, have 4 kids that can make me crazy and my house could use a bit of attention. That's the life of a blogger, I guess. Always time to write, cleaning can wait until the internet is down. :) http://monicabrand.net/  Thanks for letting me come out and play, Monica PS still working on the picture...   ...more

i can't get the sizing correct. email coming your way.


wow... help! ...more

Community Bible Study: an ending

My first year in Community Bible Study is over. I enjoyed it, my kids loved it. We all made friends that will last for years, Lord willing. So you can imagine my surprise when the leadership announced Thursday that the class would not continue in the fall. Why? No proper teaching director, declining attendance, and the church where the group met for years, could no longer play host, I was told. I have yet to tell my kiddos. ...more


Yesterday the kids and I had a wonderful afternoon at a local park. Another home schooling mom and her four children came too, and they all had a blast in this wide creek, catching crayfish, salamanders and frogs. Peter caught a baby water snake. Sadly, my camera batteries died, so no pictures. The best part about the day - I made a new friend. ...more