It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ll start by stating the obvious: I REALLY LOVE MY FAMILY.This is not news, because we all do....more


At 15, my daughter is doing something I couldn’t do at her age.She is un-apologetically committed to being herself and it’s outright dangerous, in a world, that at every turn, demands she be like everybody else.  Her battle for originality has been hard fought, as she's had to deal with her share of tormentors who were so uncomfortable in their own skin that they couldn't rest until they saw her uncomfortable in hers. But as Tamar Braxton says, "She Won". ...more

Channeling Daddy's Cool

My fiancé is everything I'm not. He is, for the most part, calm and cool and collected. I am not. He can quell whining with a single word, make the kids laugh without effort and even banish them to their rooms without seeming like a big meany. I cannot. Not to mention he looks even more calm, cool and collected next to my more intensely feisty and frazzled personality....more
Yes but it's not all nicey nicey roses and rainbows.more

Proof Positive the Pink Method Works

I truly believe any diet can work if you find a way to connect with your own personal understanding of how and what you should eat. The PINK Method worked for me, because it introduced me into a conversation I'd been wanting to have for a long time. A conversation about being female, overworked, burdened and laden with excuses. None of those excuses were acceptable, but the PINK Method found a way to capture my imagination and show me why they weren't acceptable and what was available to me if I got my head together long enough to stop making them. ...more

Is Your Love Style Holding You Back?

It may be difficult to determine if your lovestyle is holding you back if you don't know what a love style is. Take a minute to read this article and get familiar.For those who are like me and just didn't feel like clicking the link, I'll offer a brief explanation. Lovestyles are the six manners in which human beings prefer to love and be loved developed and designed by John Lee in 1973 and 1988. ...more

How I lost 20 pounds in a month on the PINK METHOD

In an earlier post, I shared my decision to start on the PINK Method diet.Well, I have been doing the program for about a month and I am down about 20 pounds.Yes , 20 pounds. I didn't have to starve myself, although with an appetite as big as mines it could feel like it sometimes. And I didn't have to exercise like a mad woman to do it.I have regained control of my eating habits and I am better at putting my health and wellness first. This diet is amazing....more

P.I.N.K Method to My Madness

Good Grief

   ...more Thank You for the encouragement Robin. I am truly touched that you would ...more

Fill in the Blanks

Try This. Fill in the Blanks...more