Should Newer Recipe Writers Threaten Established Pros?

Amy Reiley started a wildfire on an IACP blog post recently, when she said hobby food bloggers who don’t test recipes thoroughly and don’t charge enough are sidelining professionals like herself. Here’s a sample:...more
I couldn't agree more with onblank. Challenges and frustrations in business is nothing new. But ... more

Fiery Deviled Eggs Garnished With Prosciutto Crisps

[Editor's Note: I'm always on the lookout for great variations on standard deviled eggs, and I love this one, in particular. It has a fun, spicy edge to it that isn't ordinarily found in this comforting appetizer, and the prosciutto crisps on top sound delicious. It's a great appetizer for any kind of party! --Genie] Spicy Deviled Eggs with Prosciutto Crisps ...more
Nice change of pace from the standard yellow filling that I usually make. Looks tasty! more

Are You Locking Out Blog Subscribers?

In the process of going through the online world and finding blog posts I wanted to subscribe to, I encountered a lot of roadblocks in my way. I wanted to share those with you so that you can make sure people find it really easy to subscribe to your blog posts. I mean, I was out there with the PURPOSE of subscribing. Many people will only opt to describe after they’ve read a post of yours they like. With that said, here are some important things to look out for. ...more
Great tips....a friend was just telling me how frustrating it was to subscribe. I will test my ... more

Muffins and Dog Poop: Why I Stay Home

It's the beginning of a new year and I've spent the last two days reminding myself why I want to stay home with my daughter. Sometimes life gets so filled with stuff I lose sight of my priorities. I get so stressed about making sure we're not buried under laundry and dishes that I forget they are not at the top of my list. I feel better when the house is clean, but I make myself and everyone miserable trying to make it perfect all the time. They would choose me (in a good mood) over a clean house. I need to make that choice too....more
Well written & I can relate completely. We've all been there...juggling too many things ... more

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Line: China Glaze Colours From The Capitol!

The Hunger Games Trilogy ranks up there with notorious addictions like chocolate, french fries, and shoes. If you’re not familiar with these books and are planning on reading them, believe me when I tell you to buy the complete set. They’re the can’t-put-down kind that will leave you pulling your hair out if you don’t have the next book handy! (Trust. Me.)...more
Hunger Games Obsessed, *must* have China Glaze "Luxe & Lush*. Gorgeous! more

Madonna's Still Got It: Most Anticipated Pop Albums of 2012

[Editor's Note: As the New Year kicks off and Oscar Season approaches, I'm jonesing for a bit of new music to fill my iPod before I get lost in movieville through the end of February.  What albums are you looking forward to this year?  --Morgan]...more
Cannot wait 'til Spring to hear the new Madonna album!! more

Watch Me Launch! Happy New Life, Happy New Career?

What happens when you start living that amazing life you dreamed about...when you find yourself finally standing on that proverbial hill under the rainbow of your dreams?  Change happens. And change brings with it brand new life challenges to replace your old ones!  That's where I am today - facing the challenges that come with a happy new life and a (hopefully) happy new career. Follow along and I'll share the frustrations and rewards, relationship issues, moments of self-discovery and surprises that come up when all of your dreams start coming true. ...more
Enjoyed reading about your launch, Mia. I'll be following and cheering for you! more