AshleyGate: How Mitch McConnell Planned to Smear Ashley Judd

If you think politics is dirty, you’re probably going to think it’s even more dirty after reading this story. It’s so outrageous that you might feel compelled to throw up, or take a shower, or, at the very least, call your senator. Yes, I'm talking about the Mother Jones story with tapes of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and his staff discussing how to attack Ashley Judd as "unbalanced." ...more
I find it terrible that we have become so accustomed to this type of mud-slinging that it is ... more

My dog is wild tonight! Doesn't she realize the super moon is tomorrow?

My dog is wild tonight! Doesn't she realize the super moon is tomorrow? ...more
Glad you mentioned this...I had no idea!  My dog is his usual lazy self ;-) more

Chinese Chicken Salad

Hi there, how is everyone? I’m keeping busy with work, creating a new web site for my business, working through the tower of receipts for tax preparations (and, of course, the writing of the large checks ceremony), celebrating birthdays with family members, our anniversary, a little gardening.  ...more
 portlandpeeps This sounds really good and amazingly I have all the ingredients to make it! ... more

Souped-Up Pho

If you visit Seattle, one of the first things you will notice is that we have teriyaki, Thai and pho restaurants on nearly every corner. Every Seattleite has their favorite spot and they will be quick to tell you. (Ok and since you asked, my favorite teriyaki is Kiku's on 50th and the Ave in Seattle; my favorite Thai is Benjarong in Covington and my favorite pho is from Papaya in the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.)...more
 I love Pho!  I love topping with bean sprouts and savoy cabbage.  Sriracha and lime juice are ... more

Cooking with rocks

One of my favorite places to go is Findlay Market in Cincinnati. ...more
I have heard that cooking on these rocks is great.  Would love to try that! more

Anti-Cancer Lemony Kitchen Cleaner

Although this isn’t an anti-cancer food recipe per se, it is a healthy way to limit your exposure to cancer causing toxins.  Most of the time we don’t even know what the ingredients are in these cleaners, but many of the common ingredients are known carcinogens.  One way to protect yourself from environmental estrogens -- that have been liked to breast cancer and other types of cancer-- is to use homemade or “green” cleaners around the house.  The breast cancer fund has information on this ...more
 behavioralchild Thanks for reading....glad you enjoyed it!   more

Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Everybody loves chocolate…right?  Chocolate ranks right up there with ice cream as one of my favorite desserts.  In the last few years I have opted for dark chocolate because it has less sugar and it also contains antioxidants that are really good for you.  I don’t make desserts very often.  I guess I usually spend so much time cooking meals that dessert seems like a lot of extra work and too many dishes to hand wash :-).  It’s all too easy to go to Bruster’s occasionally to get an scoop key lime pie ice cream or nutty coconut….yum!  However, sometimes I do get...more
Thank you!  Even my husband liked it :-). more

What's for dinner?

What's for dinner? ...more
Turkey burgers (with caramelized onion jam and swiss) and sautéed broccoli. more

Arsenic in Organic Brown Rice Syrup

A recent Dartmouth study revealed certain products containing organic brown rice syrup as a major ingredient contained high levels of cancer causing inorganic arsenic. The products tested were toddler formula, cereal bars, and high performance energy products....more
Great article.  You assume that "organic" foods are higher in quality and lower in pesticides! ... more

Grilled Cheese with Prosciutto, Onions, Manchego, Apple, & Pepper Jelly

So.... during my grocery shopping adventure (I'd rather grocery shop than go to the mall... Sad. I know), I found some fresh sourdough that looked and smelled totally deilsh. Good bread deserves to have amazing ingredients in between its tasty slices....more
This sounds delicious! I love prosciutto on grilled cheese and the apple and pepper jelly sound ... more