When You Look at Me You Don’t See Color – Your Loss!

Often when I talk to people about race they say, "When I look at you I don't see color." My response to them is always the same. Aloud I say, "That is your loss, my color is beautiful." To myself I say, "You are either unobservant or a liar." ...more
It is the most dishonest and ridiculous thing. WHen someone says to me, "I don't see color" I ... more

Dear America: On Charleston, the Stars and Bars, and the N-Word

Dear America,I need you to calm down and stop being shocked and awed and aghast for one moment. Not desensitized, not numb, that’s impossible and frankly, you'd be an android or bot or something if you were....more
THis is a wonderful article. more

America Is Not Safe

Wake up, America. Terrorism doesn’t come from a faceless person overseas, it’s coming from your neighbor here, in America....more
As a black woman, I know exactly how you feel. I am surprised to see that people of other races ... more

My Children Are Not Intruders

Growing up as a child, my mother taught me many things. She taught me to be independent, persistent and kind. Everything I am is because of what I learned from her. As much as I don't want to admit it sometimes, our personalities are very similar.Our features are even the same. We look exactly alike except for one thing. She is fair skinned and often mistaken as white. My brother, looks like her too, only with blue eyes and blonde hair. And then there's me. The dark one of the family....more
Wow, this is so eloquent. Thank you for sharing. more

There Is No Room for Your 'Buts' About Pulling a Gun on Teens in Swimsuits in McKinney

I see you. You're on Twitter or Facebook calling yourself the voice of reason because everything isn't racial, Arnebya, stop making everything racial....more
"OUR VERY EXISTENCE GIVES THE IMPRESSION OF WRONGDOING." This sentence, every time a black is ... more

The Duggar Story is Mine

I know this is not what I normally write about here but the subject is incredibly important.........more
I am so sorry that you had this happen to you. I have tentatively followed the Duggar story, for ... more

It’s called abuse and there’s no excuse for it.

i happen to agree with you, it was abusive. The only thing that surprises me about this ... more


I’m frustrated. There are so many things going on in my head right now. There are so many things that are bothering me. So many things that are wrong, or broken, or don’t make sense. I have so many things to say, but I know that if I don’t say them just right then everyone is going to dismiss me. Worse, they will dismiss the problems, the REAL problems, that I want to talk about. They will dismiss the problems that I want people to know about so, hopefully, some folks would want to work with me to fix them....more
Your "all lives matter" speaks volumes. It denegrates and negates what is specifically happening ... more

Why this middle-class white mom is boycotting the Mall of America

 As a white, middle class mom of two with a certain amount of disposable income, I can safely say that I’m the Mall of America’s target market....more
I'm no where near Mall of America but thank you for sharing this information with us. more

#UnitedWithIvy: Where's the Compassion?

The recent uproar and response to the flight attendant at United Air insisting that a child with special needs be strapped into her own seat during takeoff speaks directly to our inability as a culture to walk in the shoes of another who is suffering and struggling in ways that we cannot see. Image: Matt_Weibo...more
I read this article and decided to read other new stories so that I could develop a balanced ... more