Why this middle-class white mom is boycotting the Mall of America

 As a white, middle class mom of two with a certain amount of disposable income, I can safely say that I’m the Mall of America’s target market....more
I'm no where near Mall of America but thank you for sharing this information with us. more

#UnitedWithIvy: Where's the Compassion?

The recent uproar and response to the flight attendant at United Air insisting that a child with special needs be strapped into her own seat during takeoff speaks directly to our inability as a culture to walk in the shoes of another who is suffering and struggling in ways that we cannot see. Image: Matt_Weibo...more
I read this article and decided to read other new stories so that I could develop a balanced ... more

How Long Should You Wait Before Posting About a Death?

Usually my pre-bedtime scan of social media is pretty mundane. I might bookmark an interesting news article or wish someone happy birthday before the stroke of midnight. However, on Monday night the first post on my Facebook newsfeed stopped me in my tracks. My 19-year-old cousin had just announced to 1,007 of her friends and acquaintances that our grandmother had died. ...more
I'm sorry for your loss. I think, it could seem callous to learn such news, in this way. ... more

Should Your Children Walk Home Alone? CPS Says No

Should fear of Child Protective Services taking our children affect the everyday decisions of parents? Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, parents in Silver Spring, Maryland, now find themselves under investigation by CPS for allowing their children, ages ten and six, to walk one mile home from a park. ...more
I saw this story on the news. I does seem to be an overreach for CPS to be called for something ... more

Please Don't Hate Me Because I Don't Like Tattoos

OK, so I know I might be about to offend a lot of people, but here goes: I’ve never been a big fan of tattoos, not from when I was a kid and saw them mostly on sailors who hung around my Bronx neighborhood. On the one hand, they seemed cartoon-like, very Popeye the Sailor Man. On the other hand, they seemed threatening, very “in your face,” like this person with the meaty arms could be up and swinging at you in a mini-second. ...more
This was an interesting read. I did not get my first tattoo until I was in my forties. I never ... more

His Name Was Tamir Rice

His name was Tamir Rice.He was 12....more
I have read your whole comment and it astounds me that you can find a way to subtly blame ... more

#CrimingWhileWhite #AliveWhileBlack: What the Internet is Saying about Race and Police

Something interesting has been happening on Twitter. In light of the recent acquittals of white police officers in the deaths of black men, there have been quite a few online discussions about the role of race plays in how the law is enforced. The hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite has been trending, along with #AliveWhileBlack....more
The tweets are interesting and sometimes polarizing. It has been interesting, to me, to see how ... more

You Can't Punch Someone's Face Because You Won't Discipline Your Child

I'm a mom, but I'm siding with Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson on this unbelievable story. That's the woman who got punched in the face outside a Nordstrom Rack for asking the mother of a tantrum throwing child if she could calm her child....more
It's disgusting that so many people think it was appropriate for this mother to ambush this lady ... more

My Mother Was Diagnosed With Cancer, and It Changed My Life Forever

It's still so surreal. It feels like just yesterday that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was so quick, so aggressive, so painful, so hard to watch. I have never experienced anything like it, and I hope to never have to again. ...more
THis is was so sweet. I am so sorry for your loss. I am a stranger but you will be in my thougts ... more

Social Media Sites Off the Beaten Path: 9 Sites You Should Know

Everyone and their mother has a Facebook or Twitter account.  But what about all those other social media networks; the ones that don't get the love and attention they deserve?  There really is a site for every interest; you need to go find it.  Whether it's in a social media site you've heard of but didn't originally think was for you, or in one you never even knew existed, there's plenty out there beyond Facebook and Twitter!  Here are 9 sites you may have overlooked. ...more
Goodreads was my favorite social media site until it was purchased by Amazon. more