Tips for Adjusting to Stay-at-Home Motherhood

Here you are, a new stay-at-home mom! Has the job knocked you on your rear end yet? No, no, I’m joking! (Uh, sort of.) Stay-at-home motherhood is a rewarding, fulfilling -- even fun! -- job. But initial adjustment to stay-at-home motherhood can be really hard. It’s not often discussed at playgroups or Mommy-and-Me classes, but most moms struggle to find their footing upon first becoming stay-at-home parents. ...more

Being an SAHM is totally rewarding and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's also the toughest ...more

Steps for a Smaller, Saner Holiday Season

It’s that time of year, though, right? When we run around in a fever of to-do lists and cookie exchanges and shopping trips, winding ourselves ever more tightly and feeling ever more Scrooge-like as our blood pressure stages a revolt? It’s hard to enjoy the holidays when you’re stressed about the cookies you forgot to donate for the first-grade Winter Sing and you just realized you’ve got nothing to wear to that “cocktail-chic” holiday party your neighbors are throwing tomorrow night.But wait -- it doesn’t have to be this way. ...more

Grace@Haven, I TOTALLY agree that "stuff leads to stress"! That is a life philosophy of sorts, ...more