To Montessori or not...

The past two weeks I've been pretty obsessed with this whole pre-school thing... When is the right time? How do you select the right school? ...more

Fargo, ND- It takes a village...

I've had this post rattling around in my head for weeks now. I want to give it the justice it deserves, so I've waited to write until I had ample time... Turns out I need to make the time. I've learned over the past several months how amazingly lucky my family is to live in Fargo. I almost can't find the words to effectively describe why I feel this way, so I'll tell you a few stories. Warning: I will name names and name businesses. I sure do hope you're all ok with that! ...more


I haven't been good about writing on here lately... I blame my iPad. It seems it's much easier to just use that little thing to watch shows, check emails, and to stay connected. For some reason opening up this 'huge' computer has proven challenging! I have been meaning to write, though, about so much. Every day I think, 'that is something to tell', or 'remember how that feels for the blog'. But then I get home and it all disappears. ...more

The strongest person I know...

Last week I had prayer on my mind and there was some wonderful discussion on BlogHer.  Over 1700 people read the post, which is testament to the site and to its reach throughout the world....more

Does Prayer Really Work?

Yesterday I went up to the 4th floor PICU at Sanford to visit a sweet little boy who’s fighting for his life.  All day yesterday I prayed and prayed. I thought about him and envisioned good energy traveling in his direction....more
I think you are doing all the spiritual questioning and thinking and sharing. I believe in ...more

My son has a bad brain...

I really don't like creating a blog post without a picture in it, but since I've been too lazy to upload new images from my camera lately, this will have to do... (and a warning, that this post probably won't be super flow-y)I'm sorry, I guess, for people who come to this blog and think I write about Rowan too much, or who get tired of reading about how I'm feeling... but this is really how it is, I guess, so it's what you get....more
@edavis So nice! Thanks, Ed- and for the record, my hair stylist's name is Ed Davis- so I like ...more


Sometimes when I look back on just how drastically our lives have changed since we found out Rowan has Lissencephaly, I'm amazed we've managed. Of course we had to first let the diagnosis sink in, which took quite a while for me. At first I remember not really believing it, I guess. And more than that, just trying so darned hard to not break. ...more


  I met with a Realtor today whom I consider a good person and a friend. We mostly talked about life and family.  She's recently gotten a couple of grandchildren and has two more on the way....more

How does swearing even work??!

  Speaking of Cussing, I've been wondering what you all think about the topic. Specifically as it relates to kids... your own kids. Steve and I have our opinions- we really don't have a problem with it in most regards. He can probably speak to this a bit better than I can, though, being a smarty-pants PhD student who's studied linguistics quite extensively. ...more
Thanks for your comment- so nice to hear. Glad I'm not alone! @Michelle Youngquistmore


  It's officially National Blog Posting Month... why do I care about this? Really, I don't, but it's got me thinking about the direction I'm going with this. And the truth is; I don't really know! I will, though, have a month to write about whatever comes to mind- and perhaps that will push this blog somewhere. ...more