Local Food Trends: Bucking Stereotypes

Last summer, during a farm tour, one of our guests, a pre-teen boy, started talking about how great our breakfast must be. He waxed poetic about the bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast we must eat at the crack of dawn every morning....more
Most of the vendors at the farmers markets in my county are women, including me when I sold in ... more

How I Deleted My Facebook Account and Walked Away from 555 Friends

Of course, you need lots of extra time for real friendship like that. My "networking" on Facebook was devouring some of that time, and I was starting to feel guilty about it. Along the same lines, it also struck me that Facebook fosters laziness. Even in a crisis, I wasn't getting as many emails or phone calls from family members because, as one put it, "We already read your updates on Facebook." ...more
I set up a meeting for Friday morning, sent a message to a friend I can't speak with today ... more

Apparently I'm Unemployed

I remember when I left my job in the broadcasting world to stay at home with my oldest son. The first time I had to fill out a form and leave the employer field blank, it felt... weird. I felt so much connection to JDaniel4's Mom in a recent post. She shared about all of the work she does, all of the roles she takes on and how seeing "unemployed" next to her name made her feel. ...more
I wrote "inventor and manager of future scientist" a few times. Nobody questioned the validity. more

Father of the Year, or Creepy Man at the Playground

The other day Rob and I took the kids to the playscape at a nearby mall. Within five minutes, Rob was the pied piper to half a dozen kids who were alternately chasing him and being chased in a colossal game of hide and seek. Our boys, of course, loved every minute of it, and I loved watching how other kids were drawn into the mix. My favorite moment: twin girls followed him, saying, "Monster! Monster! Chase us!"...more
My husband is the same way. Babies to teenagers, he loves kids and kids love him. I'm not more ... more

Parenting May Be Easy, but Being Human Is Hard

Roughly five times a day, I screw up as a parent. However this morning’s antics may have earned me a spot in the Mommy Hall of Shame. At 10:00am, I had just settled down to work and a coffee, when my cell phone cheerily announced: “Chaperone Field Trip.” A pit instantly formed in my stomach. I was supposed to heading to a demonstration of the New York City Ballet with my daughter's class that very moment....more
Great story! In spite of me, my daughters grew into happy, healthy young women. Parenting is the ... more

Trapped in an Ethical Wildlife Quandary

We caught a killer....and it was adorable. (But before I continue our saga...THANK YOU. I shared your kind comments about our loss of Salt with our chicken-mama, Kiki....more
It's a tough decision. I struggled with it for years. We used to relocate but I couldn't find ... more

Gourmet Live and BlogHer Recipe: Quinoa Cakes with Eggplant-Tomato Ragu

Gourmet Live and BlogHer highlight local food scenes in our monthly Road Trip series, delivering the inside dish from renowned bloggers from coast to coast. This month, we're going across the country to find the top healthy restaurants -- but if you're celebrating at home, get this mouth-watering, good for you recipe from Gourmet.com now. ...more
Looks delicious! I've tucked this away until summer when the tomatoes and eggplant are ripe and ... more

Real Discussions About Sex: "I Wasn't Planned?"

Weeks ago, I decided to have the “birds and bees” conversation with my son. Seeing that I had his complete attention, and thinking that this may be my only chance to get some real facts in, I began telling him about the 1% factor in birth control and that abstinence is the only 100% method. I explained that even though 1% is an extremely low percentage, it is a fact that should not be ignored; especially since, he too, falls in the 1% equation. He looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I wasn’t planned?” In that split second, I decided the truth would, ultimately, be better than telling a lie just to make him feel better....more
My kids know they weren't planned and are the two best surprises in our lives. I think you ... more

My Take on Food Styling and Photography

When I first picked up a DSLR camera and began photographing/blogging regularly, I never imagined I'd fall so head-over-heels in love with food photography and styling. Nor could I have predicted that less than 2 years later, I'd be getting such incredible support from my readers, and more recently, an increasing number of emails asking for photography advice. I have no idea if this comes across online, but I'm actually quite a shy person in real life. It's truly a testament to you all that I feel quite at ease writing this post today....more
Wow! That's a lot of great information. I'm bookmarking the article to read several times. more

Top 5 Ways Livestock are Wrecking the Planet

Helping the environment is just one reason for dumping animal products from your diet. But it's a big one. It may be the most powerful choice you can make to help our ailing planet. If carnivorous friends and family give you a hard time for sticking to veggies, tell them some of these surprising eco-facts about the havoc wrought by livestock....more
Commodity farming in general is wrecking the planet. Before you take a bite of tofu take a look ... more