A Cleveland Runner's Tips on Staying Safe While Running Outdoors

As I'm sure most of you know by now, my fair city of Cleveland has been in the news lately after the discovery of three missing women who have spent the past ten years in captivity....more

Baked Ranch Chik'n

I always imagine my Pinterest followers are confused when this vegetarian posts a meal with chicken or beef onto my food board. What can I say? I like to keep people guessing. ...more

Why Weight Loss Gets Harder As You Get Smaller

There is a scene in the movie Dogma where a character likens faith to a glass of water, saying that as a child, you have a small glass and it doesn't take that much water (ie: faith) to fill it up. As we grow up, the glass gets bigger and the same amount of faith we had as kids isn't enough anymore....more

understanding "healthy": being smart with online recipes

One of the websites I use to get new recipes is Pinterest. I even have an entire board set up just for recipes I want to try. Some can be made as is. Some need to be adapted, either to make them more Weight Watchers or vegetarian friendly. Some are for those special occasions when I have no problem splurging. If something looks tasty, it gets pinned....more

How Harry Potter Helped Me Lose Weight

Oh sure, go ahead and laugh. But while you're laughing, please note that in the middle picture below, the one where I'm dressed for a midnight screening of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2," I'm wearing Slytherin colors. So you might want to reconsider that whole mocking me thing....more
 @FatCat When the relationship comparison came to me I knew it was the perfect way to really ...more

what I love wednesday: weight loss related apps

Since January 2011 I have lost over 80 lbs and my iPhone Thursday is a pretty important part of my fitness and weight loss routine. I thought today I'd share with you four of the apps that I use as part of my journey!First up is, naturally, the Weight Watchers app:...more
Oh, I liked reading about your apps.  The only one I've used is My Fitness Pal which allowed me ...more

the weighting game: almost halfway to goal

Them: So do you have an end goal in mind?Me: I'd like to lose another 70 lbs.Them: Another 70 lbs?Me: Uh, yeah?Last week I had this conversation twice....more
@victorias_view I do smile while running! That's the weirdest thing about it :) more

the dream of a common language

Earlier this evening while on my dinner break, I was on Facebook and noticed several references and quotes to poet Adrienne Rich. These mentions told me two things: My friends have (unsurprisingly) excellent taste in writers and that Ms....more

penn is mightier than the sword

I am a huge fan of Las Vegas magicians Penn & Teller. I have loved them for years and years and years but have never had the chance to see them live. For the uninitiated, Penn is the big tall one while Teller doesn't talk. At least not on stage. Teller is the magician, Penn is the distraction. To truly understand their awesomeness, I suggest you check them out on YouTube. This one is a personal favorite....more

Have a Spare Kidney To Share?

  I'd like you to meet my friend Maura. She's a Cleveland-area native and lead singer of the band Maura Rogers and the Rusty Souls. Maura is amazing. She is this slight, petite woman with a powerhouse voice. She is full of life and energy. Love follows her wherever she goes: Love from her friends and family, the love she radiates herself....more