cheryl acheson

Yoga is a passion and an incredible journey.  Ever the student, she... read more

cheryl acheson


Yoga is a passion and an incredible journey.  Ever the student, she  enjoys taking classes from new teachers in new places.  Formal yoga training is primarily Iyengar and Anusara based.  Teachers include Tom Abrehamson, Kenny Graham, Darren Rhodes, Kelly McGonigal, Chrissy Graham, Max Strom, Hilaria Thomas, Cora Wen and Seane Corn.  With over 150 hours of Anusara training, 200 hours of Yoga Alliance training and 120 hours of apprenticeship, Cheryl continues to refine her teaching skills.


Yoga is about dusting off the mirror and gazing at the true self which is the embodiment of the divine.  Through discipline and devotion of asana, pranayama and meditation,  the mind calms so that what is there can be revealed.  


Credentials include IYK certification (children's yoga) and certification through Avalon Yoga, Palo Alto, 2011.  Cheryl has taught over 250 classes in the past 4 years including Yoga instructing at the Stanford GSB, Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship (SIE).



Cheryl teaches Yoga Basics which focuses on alignment and safely building an asana foundation.  Beginners, regardless of age, as well as those recovering from injury are always welcome.