The Encore Wedding: Why it's more fun the second time around

Today every wedding is regarded as an occasion for celebration on the scale of your choosing, regardless of the number of times you've walked down the aisle. Rules suggesting that a wedding be quiet or small because it's not your first are for the most part considered remnants of a bygone era. While you can feel free to ignore antiquated negative connotations, you might actually be able to use the old notion that a second wedding should be downplayed to your advantage....more
So glad I found your blog - I am taking my time and enjoying it immensely. It's great to have ...more

Upcycling the Family Jewels

I've never been a lady who's excited by diamonds and have only recently looked forward to wearing a wedding ring. That's just because I want to save the lone men trolling the aisles of Barnes & Noble for nerdy women the trouble of a pointless conversation. I assume they look for a wedding ring, I'm not sure that's true....more