Review: "Don't Bring Home a White Boy"

I’ve recently had conversations with four of my friends about the lack of dates, mates or love in their lives. They are attractive, educated, active and fun.  Three are well-traveled.  They are heterosexual.  They are black (as in African-American).  They range in age from mid-twenties to sixty.  (The 60 year old friend was featured in Essence a few years back because of her fitness and active lifestyle.)  In each conversation, the idea of dating outside the race has come up.  It is an idea they consider but most have not practiced. ...more
WOW this book sounds like a great read. I may have to pick it up. I was thinking, why does it ...more

Looking at Virginity

I don’t know how we arrived at the topic except that my sister and I were having one of those long conversations that touches all sorts of topics, political and familial, when somehow we arrived at the topic of sex. She told me how she’d lost her virginity. I was impressed with what she shared. ...more
I'm 33 yrs old and am a virgin.. Very T.M.I I'm sure to be telling the world.. Or in this case ...more

Do You Know Where Your High School Yearbook Is?

Promises to keep in touch. Funny quotes. Bits of teenage wisdom. Words of advice. A motto meant to define you for posterity. Autographs. And photos. Don’t forget the photos. All of the aforementioned things form the landscape of one’s high school year book. Do you know where your yearbook is? ...more

It's good to be able to look at our younger selves and it's especially good to see photos from ...more

Pink Frilly Dresses Phase (PFD): Will Our Girls Outgrow It?

I know that little girls like to dress up. I was a young girl once. I raised a daughter. I have a granddaughter. Dressing up is fine. ...more

I experienced the same thing with my daughter and son who were 22 months apart. They had the ...more

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How one wants to be remembered is not only about a legacy left after we die, it is also about the small memories that we leave behind us in each encounter – large and small. I have found myself wondering how others would remember me. ...more
I hope my legacy will be a continuation of how I live my life each day...loving those close to ...more

Remember Woolworth’s – the Five & Dime

I bought scalloped-edged handkerchiefs and decorative pin/earrings sets for my mother's Christmas and birthday gifts there. I bought crisp white handkerchiefs with a monogram on them for my dad there. ...more

My mother, grandmother and auntees called it that, too. I used to call them that as well. ...more

No Retirement Party After All

In today’s work world, few of us will work long enough at one company to warrant a retirement party, including me.  (Although I did have two nice send-offs after I left my last job after a 9 ½ year tenure, the longest time I’d ever worked for one organization.) Several mid-lifers I know have worked long-enough at one company to be in line for a retirement party. Then came the recession. ...more
My husband was consulting, as there were no other jobs and he just turned 65.  He was able to ...more

Learning from the Lives of Others – Enamored with Memoirs

Experience is not always the best teacher, only the most painful.  I read this quote years ago and it stuck with me.  I don’t remember where or who said it. (I looked it up at one of the sites to find quotations but they didn’t have it.) ...more
I would definitely recommend you read Mao's Last Dancer! It certainly wasn't the kind of book I ...more

Reconnecting or Finally Connecting? Friends You Couldn't Stand When You Were Younger

From childhood on, as we grow our tastes mature, expand and develop. Foods you wouldn’t even taste as a child become your favorites in adulthood. So it is with people (except when it is not –- a story about that comes later in this post). ...more

I can see the full post now. I have had this problem with several other postings lately on ...more

Younger Next Year: for Women (Live Strong, Fit and Sexy -- Until You're 80 and Beyond)

I have been on a journey to better eating habits  for a while now. In the past few years, veils of ignorance about food have lifted from my eyes.  I ate the way I grew up eating.  Luckily this always included an ample supply of vegetables. ...more

or get a personal trainer is that most people won't push themselves hard enough on their own, ...more