Wind & Waves

Sometimes I forget.  I forget who holds the power. I like to be in control. I try to play tug-of-war with the Creator of the universe to take control of the power. And just when I think I’m close to winning, I’m reminded that I can’t. ...more
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Dealing with Infertility Differently the Second Time Around

As the title of Melany Gallant's post on Confessions of a Social Media Junkie says, "Infertility is a bitch." Though, more than just a rant about the plain old awfulness of not being able to conceive, Melany takes you on a journey through her first experience, which lead to a baby, and how it shaped the experience she is having now, having been diagnosed with secondary infertility. Our life experiences change and shape us, even when it seems that they are closely related. ...more
As someone struggling to just have one child, I was unaware of secondary infertility. My how ... more