It's Okay to Say No

I think some of the most empowering moments in life happen when we meet a challenge and say "I can do this." Even kids like to say it. Moms and dads clap their hands and cheer when their little ones accomplish something big for the first time on their own. This do-it-all attitude becomes part of our psyche growing up and when we leave home for college, or start a new job, move to a new city, get married, or begin our own families....more

Be Silly

Having fun and laughing came so easily when I was a kid. I think all the giggling was contagious. And even though I didn't know it then—laughter is a great stress reliever too....more

Oscars 2013 {I'm Tired of the Bullying on Twitter}

I started working on this post with a sketch of Anne Hathaway on the red carpet. I planned on writing about the gorgeous dresses at the Oscars. But after seeing all the negative commentary about Anne on Twitter I decided to change my focus here. ...more

Hurricane Sandy: Tips to Keep Your Pets Calm and Safe

 If you live in the path of Hurricane Sandy, then your pets are feeling very anxious. I've got some tips to keep your pets safe, ideas to reduce pet stress, and guidelines for packing hurricane supplies to have ready for your dog or cat in case you have to evacuate....more

How to Follow Fashion Week at Home

Are you following Fashion Week? I'm quite envious of my son, he's sending me NYFW photos whenever he gets a chance....more

BlogHer12 in the City

The first week in August, bloggers from around the globe came to NYC for the 8th annual conference. I missed this year's conference but I kept in touch via Twitter updates and the BlogHer '12 Virtual Conference....more

It's so Etsy: London Calling

Are you watching the Olympics in London this week? I love visiting London so I rounded up a list of four fabulous London-themed items on Etsy. Check them out below. It's never to early to start your holiday shopping—Christmas is only 145 days away.Here are the links on Etsy for my London favorites:...more
We got so many compliments for this phone booth. It's really cute, one of the best selling cases ...more

DIY: Make It Sew Modern (a craft book)

If you like to sew and are looking for a book that adds texture to your sewing projects, then check out the new book Make It Sew Modern by the mother of four and craft divaVanessa Christenson. In her patterns she uses ruffles, twisting, gathering, and pleats to make quilts, pillows, scarves, purses, bracelets, rings, and more....more

Shelter Dogs of the Week: Amber and Harley

Who can resist Amber's smile? Amber is a young, active dog that was rescued as a stray in Colorado. She is a mixed breed—probably some Boxer and Cattle Dog. Whatever she is, Amber is very friendly and loves everyone. She is young and will need plenty of exercise and some training. She would be the perfect hiking pal and a joy to her forever family....more
 @Denise So true! And they are sweethearts too! With a little training they will be the perfect ...more

A Fierce Wildfire Changes My Mountain and My Community Forever

Two things I know for sure:1) The majestic mountain in my backyard will never be the same again.2) My deep gratitude for the heroic firefighters on that mountain can not be put into words......more