Cooking With Friends: a Twist on the Dinner Party

If you're inviting your friends over for a beautiful meal, it can be fun if they help to cook it, too. ...more
Great idea! I need to plan a cooking in the kitchen party with friends :) more

Bullying Prevention Month: News Anchor Responds To Fat Shaming Email On Air

Jennifer Livingston -- an anchor/reporter at News 8000 in La Crosse, Iowa -- gets emails from viewers every day. But this email? This day? Enough is enough....more
Thanks for sharing this post. Bullying is a real problem for kids—and adults. more

It's so Etsy: London Calling

Are you watching the Olympics in London this week? I love visiting London so I rounded up a list of four fabulous London-themed items on Etsy. Check them out below. It's never to early to start your holiday shopping—Christmas is only 145 days away.Here are the links on Etsy for my London favorites:...more
 @Darcie Thanks for the comment! I love the phone booth too. Funny how that image is so ... more

The Mom Olympics: What Would You Medal In?

Many readers know that I have dreamt of Olympic gold. But sadly, because there is no Olympic shoe shopping competition, I have been barred from achieving my Olympic glory. It’s just not fair. If they did real-life sports -- like shopping -- instead of events like diving or gymnastics, I would be in London right now, sweeping up the gold. In fact, if the Olympics had my events in it, all moms would be gold medal winners. Mothers from all over the world would be in London, proudly taking our places on the podiums as our national anthems were played -- if only they had competitions like the following....more
Fun post! I want to be on your team! more

Shelter Dogs of the Week: Amber and Harley

Who can resist Amber's smile? Amber is a young, active dog that was rescued as a stray in Colorado. She is a mixed breed—probably some Boxer and Cattle Dog. Whatever she is, Amber is very friendly and loves everyone. She is young and will need plenty of exercise and some training. She would be the perfect hiking pal and a joy to her forever family....more
 @Denise So true! And they are sweethearts too! With a little training they will be the perfect ... more

Raising a Dyslexic Teen

Imagine knowing only English and being asked to read a textbook in Italian or write a paragraph in Danish. That's what each day is like for my teenage daughter who has processing disorder and dyslexia, a neurologically based disorder that causes difficulties in language-related tasks.   ...more
 @Isabel_Anders Hi Isabel, Thanks for your comment. I agree that digital textbooks are very ... more

Ashley Judd Tongue Lashes Culture of Criticism; It Burns

Have you read the piece that Ashley Judd wrote for The Daily Beast about the recent media attack on her "puffy face", but moreover about how not okay it is that such attacks even take place?  Because you really should....more
Thanks for writing this. Ashley is a strong woman who isn't afraid to speak up. And that is what ... more

How to Negotiate Your Salary

It has been shown over and over that women tend to leave hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) on the table over the course of their careers simply because they did not ask for more. Whether it is because of the gender wage gap or some other phenomenon, the bottom line is, if you don't ask you definitely won't receive. ...more
Great article. Thanks for sharing all the tips! I have negotiated for a better salary and used ... more

Iris Apfel Urges us to Act Our Age

At 90 years young, fashion and design icon Iris Apfel gives all of us permission to act our age—and perhaps most importantly—to also be proud of our age. Known for her round oversized bold, black glasses and arm load of bangle bracelets, Apfel obviously loves expressing herself creatively through fashion and creating a signature look. ...more
 @victorias_view Hi Victoria! I'm thinking you would look fabulous with some glam glasses and ... more

12 Not So Typical Love Songs on My Valentine's Day Playlist

Here are 12 favorite--but not so typical--love songs on my Valentine's Day Playlist. Plus a few alternatives if romance is the last thing on your list. (Click on the link to hear the songs via iTunes.)Enjoy.xo Chris...more
@victorias_view I agree about "It Had to Be You". It took me a long time to decide if I should ... more