I am a Fat Runner

It is true. I am a fat runner. Or... I should be more specific. I am overweight. Significantly. As in, at only 5"3, I weigh in at 177 pounds.  There is no disputing my weight... or my body mass index or even my clothing size. Most of all, there is no disputing the impact that my weight has on my running. ...more
Hey...you are a runner.  That's more than a lot of people can say.  My favorite running quote ... more

Pin Pricked: A Cautionary Tale About the Dark Side of Pinterest

That's when I found a disturbing side of Pinterest I didn't know existed, one that anyone visiting Pinterest could casually stumble upon and innocently click. It was this one foray into this dark side of Pinterest that has completely changed how I view and interact with it as a social media platform. ...more
I absolutely agree about the dark side of Pinterest.  I have people comment on my pins with ads ... more