An Unforgettable Story of Tragedy, Music and Healing

Several years ago, L.E. Taylor, her husband Nate and their two-month-old baby Jack visited Nate's family in Oregon for Thanksgiving. Nate went fishing with a friend, and their boat capsized into the icy water. He drowned....more

BRAVE Ultimate Collector's Edition Giveaway

We're happily giving away the #1 animated movie of the year, the instant classic from Disney/Pixar, Brave! The prize is the 5-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition, which includes Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D and DVD discs. About the movie:...more

A Meme about Men Who Attend BlogHer Conferences

by Cool Dad"So, what are you doing here? I wonder about the men who attend BlogHer."When a woman at the BlogHer Annual Conference asked me this, it confirmed my number one worry: women thinking that I'm hitting on them. That's why I started off my conversations with "MY WIFE and I run a blog called 'Are We Still Cool'…"I talked to another guy blogger, and he felt the same way. We're innocent, we're harmless, we write blogs that appeal to women, and we're NOT looking for love!...more

Today's Homeschool Lesson in Math: Mega Millions!

Cool Boy is only 4 years old, but he's rocking the kindergarten homeschool curriculum! He's so advanced that I decided that today's lesson would be about integers, randomness, and working with a bounded set.Knowing that our readers are a well-educated bunch, I know that I don't have to review what integers are, but some of you might need a refresher on what exactly a bounded set is. Heck, I got an A in Calculus III in college, and I still needed Wikipedia's help to make sure....more

I Gave Up Gluten for Lent! (Pray for Me.)

Cool Mum gave up gluten as part of her diet overhaul when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After having Cool Newbie, she stuck with her diet and has been gluten-free (‘GF’ to those in the know) ever since. I’ve supported her decision, aside from a few (or many) complaints when it came time to pick what to get at a restaurant or grocery store....more

The Empty Threats We Make as Parents

We do a lot of walking around here, which is cool for exercise and getting "fresh" air. (Actually, NYC sits well outside of the top 20 cities for Year Round Particle Pollution! (#21)) But what's not cool is when we walk for just a block and Cool Boy announces"My legs are tired!"...more

When Do You Say "I Love You?": Our Story

Happy Valentine's Day! V-Day holds a special place in my heart because it was when Cool Mum told me "I love you." Too bad for me that I told her a few months before, and waited and waited for the response I hoped for. So the story won't be one-sided, we'll tell the tale together....more

My Next Job Application: President of the United States!

It's time to spill the beans. Despite Cool Mum's shrewdly veiled blog post for my birthday, the word going around discussion forums and nursing homes everywhere is that Cool Dad is now 35 years old....more

Baby Exercise: Our 1-Year-Old Does Push-Ups [video]

You know, I wouldn’t like being talked to, picked up, and handled like a baby. I definitely wouldn’t put up with it for a year and a half!I guess Cool Newbie feels the same way, ’cause he’s determined to get buff and hold his own around the house. Check out the staple of his workout: extreme push-ups![note: I tried to embed the video here, but couldn't get it to work. Any tips?]...more

Stupid World! Texting, texting

Last month, I was blessed with a free ticket to see a Broadway show called Relatively Speaking. Cool Mum was out of town with the boys, so I went by my lonesome. Not only was the price right, but so was the seat: orchestra middle right, just 5 or 6 rows from the stage. Women Texting by Simon Doggett via Flickr...more
@arewestillcool If I weren't reliant on it for work, I would think about it. I try to stay ...more