What I Really Want to Tell Parents-to-Be

I’ve gone through the first home, engagement, wedding phases of my social life; now I’m in the baby phase. My mailbox is filled with invitations to baby showers, and my Facebook feed is one post after another of grainy ultrasound images announcing the impending birth of a friend’s baby. I am genuinely happy for everyone who shares such news. Some people have struggled to get pregnant or stay pregnant. Others became pregnant the second they thought to try for a baby. ...more
SarahSideways In the middle of years of infertility (rough road, congratulations!), a friend ...more

Kim K, Her Nakedness, and Everyone's Opinions

Alright, folks, let’s do this....more

Why I'm Sad For Brittany Maynard

I’m sad.  A simple but perfect emotion....more

He Knows When You Are Sleeping and Being a Jerk

Look I realize it’s only November 2nd and I do respect the turkey but I’m not ashamed to admit Tim and I have pulled ou...more

NaBloPoMo 2014

I’ve been struggling here, folks.  The struggle is real.  Very real....more
hey! Post 1 done and you are right Teddy was a very smart man. I agree I don't do this for money ...more

There Is No Dress Code For Motherhood

In the past two weeks, I’ve seen several articles floating around the internet about not dressing like a “mom”. It’s eye roll worthy for its judgment passed off as “helpful” advice....more

Real Men Wear Pink

Since having a son, I have felt myself repeating “real men wear pink”, internally as well as aloud, more often than I ever expected.I have thought about writing this post many times in the past few months but felt it served no purpose than to appear to be searching for controversy. A few weeks ago, I put up this photo on Facebook of Jack captioned “Don’t mind me…just getting into trouble”....more

We're Not Alone

Our Friday evenings are filled with tiny tutus and the tiny ballerinas wearing them. Every Friday we send Sophia into a dance studio with the five other little girls and we stand outside the studio peering through the two way mirror with the other parents observing the cuteness and chaos. This past Friday was no different. I made small talk with the other moms when all of the sudden a tiny little person opened the door and declared she had to go potty. Her mom shooed her back into the dance room and shut the door....more

Breastfeeding in Public: Just Do It

About a week after I delivered Sophia, I remember visiting the pediatrician for a weight check. The doctor wanted to make sure Sophia had regain her birth weight. I remember it being a particularly hot July morning and the air conditioner in the office was having a difficult time overcoming the heat and humidity. Sophia was fussy and I knew she was getting hungry. When the doctor came in the room, Sophia started to wail. After the doctor gave Sophia a quick examination, she commented that Sophia was probably hungry and I was welcomed to nurse her there in the examination room....more

My Father Is an Addict

I lost my dad to addiction. He is still alive, but the person I knew as my dad was swallowed whole by addiction years ago and most likely will never be seen or heard from again. ...more
You have every right to share your story, and to have your feelings. I don't know how anyone CAN ...more