ESPN Mag Announces Roster of Naked Athletes for Body Issue 2011

 If you prefer your professional athletes baring just about everything and showing off their rock-hard bodies in the process, then you'll love the upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine....more
"I'm constantly amazed that our media has arrived at a place where covering the smallest portion ... more

If Nudity is Artistic Expression, Who Owns the Body Used as Art?

Although the news is frequently disturbing, I still read the newspaper while I eat breakfast. On Friday morning, a news item caught my eye: an art gallery in New York's West Village is displaying a live naked woman. The title told me everything that I needed to know: Hey, Look! She's Naked! But It's Art, So It's All Right. ...more
"And I wouldn't want to walk down the street with my girls in hand and pass a naked woman or man ... more