6 Lunch Hour Activities for Bloggers in Need of a Creativity Boost

It's 11AM and your inspiration well has run completely dry. You've already completed your "mindless" tasks for the day like checking emails and gathering project updates, so what do you do now? If you work in the highly creative field of blogging, you're probably painfully familiar with this situation. The pressure of producing creative work and out-of-the-box strategy is not only frustrating on days you don't feel inspired, but detrimental to any creativity you could potentially muster up. This is where the beauty of the daily lunch hour comes in. ...more
#4 is an awesome idea, well, they all are. And stepping out of your comfort zone always leads to ... more

27 Things You Know If You're From A Small Town

Roundabouts are actually just four-way stops."Traffic" is having to wait an extra second or two to pull out onto a busy street. People don't honk to be rude, they usually just want to say hello....more
As someone originally from a small town in PA, I can agree with almost every single one of ... more

Everything Changed Today: I'm Pregnant with Your Sibling, Ruby

Dear Ruby, Today I woke up and hugged the blanket Bubba knit for you, as I do every morning. Its softness reminds me of your cheeks, almost silky to the touch. I started today like any other day: I showered, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and picked out what to wear to work. While my routine looked the same, today was different. Today, I am pregnant....more
This is so beautiful. Love you you, Ruby, and her Irish Twin. <3 more

I'm Afraid of Getting "Gay-Married"

Daily Prompt: Fright Night  What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?What am I afraid to do?I'm afraid to get married. (Yes, "gay-married" in the headline was tongue-in-cheek.)To be clear, I want marriage equality so that the decision is mine, not the state government....more
We'd be there, part of your "family". :) Love this post. more

Announcing the BlogHer '14 Call for Ideas!

At BlogHer PRO last month, we announced the location and opened ticket sales (capped at 2,500!) for the 10th Annual BlogHer Conference, coming back to San Jose, CA....more
I just leaned in and submitted my pitch. Kinda shaking. :) more

When Will It Be My Turn to Host the Family Thanksgiving Dinner?

Today we will not get to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while playing parade bingo. Our immediate four person family (and the dog) will instead spend the majority of the parade time slot driving to Pennsylvania to be with my side of the family for the holiday this year. Next year, we will split the day in half between my husband's mom and dad. Rinse repeat for the prior years, the years yet to come. While I am thankful for large families who want our presence and whose presence we want to be in, it is exhausting to always be the one to travel for the holidays. When will it be our turn to host a big holiday like Thanksgiving? ...more
Love this, Jenna.  A few years back, one of my aunts made a comment that "the 2nd generation ... more

The Terrible Thing That Didn't Happen

My daughter and I got in a fight this week. Last night, she went to bed angry at me, and I let her, because I want her to be able to own her feelings as long as she is not acting on them in a way that is disrespectful or harmful to herself or others. I don't like being forced to act not mad when I'm mad, so I try not to do it to her, either. As I drifted off to sleep, though, I thought how horrible it would be if something happened to her while she was still mad. Then, this morning, something almost did....more
So glad that your family is safe, Rita! <3 My mom and I are having a major disagreement right ... more

Parenting Fail: "Your Thighs Aren't Fat, but Look at Mine!"

I had a parenting failure this weekend; I almost didn't want to write about. But, my goal on this blog has always been to show the real side of parenting. The side of we don't see during pick up or drop off lines at school, during church, or out in the stores. Typically we consider our parenting failures as something we did, or didn't do. We berate ourselves for yelling, for not following through, or being distracted. We worry about the things, that can be turned around to show our kids grace and forgiveness for ourselves and other people. ...more
Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I try not to let my daughter see (or hear) me fat ... more

Track Your Steps with Coca-Cola at BlogHer

About 8 months ago, I moved from San Francisco to Laguna Beach, CA. This move created a lot of changes in my lifestyle -- the two biggest being that I have been doing less walking and more driving, and am now working from home full time. I'm also in the midst of my busiest time of year for work, which means I don't have much time to cook something from scratch -- and have been snacking more. So unsurprisingly, I've gained a little weight. It's all these little factors that eventually lead to bigger problems, so I'm working hard to make good choices and get back on track....more
Can't wait. Doing the 5k and in general just move a lot. Way to keep us moving, and thank you ... more

Announcing: BlogHer 5K Chicago Fun Run, Presented by Best Buy

Get ready to lace up those running shoes because the annual BlogHer 5K is back and better than ever! This year, BlogHer is excited to be partnering with Best Buy for the Chicago edition of the BlogHer 5K. So excited in fact that the first 280 participants will receive a FREE FitBit device. ...more
Will there be a shuttle from McCormick Place to the Sheraton on Friday morning at that hour? more